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Open for Business: Newburyport Mosquito and Tick Control

In a recent poll of over 7,000 customers, clients ranked mosquito and tick control a top concern. Would you want to leave your beloved pet at a doggie day care that was infested with mosquitoes or ticks? 502 more words

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Lyme Disease and Newburyport Tick Control

Newburyport physician, Dr. Mark Su, is one of the few doctors to still make house calls. He also considers himself to be a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD).   498 more words

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Essex County Mosquito and Tick Control for Homeowners

School is officially out for the summer and with that happy announcement, we will be seeing more and more children and families out enjoying their yards, playing outside and entertaining friends. 414 more words

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Lyme Disease’s Dangerous “Cousin”: Powassan Virus Is On The Rise

Powassan Virus (POWV) is making news again and it affects you and Essex tick control. In large part, as theorized by Yale’s Dr. Durland Fish, professor of epidemiology, this is due to the rise in infection noticed in the deer tick, Ixodes scapularis. 415 more words

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Mosquito Squad of the North Shore Mosquito and Tick Control: the best team in town!

With the warmer weather, you have probably noticed our fleet of trucks out and about in neighborhoods and around town as we treat landscapes and yards against those tiny, blood sucking predators: mosquitoes and ticks! 773 more words

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Little Known Facts about Lyme Disease and Tick Control North Shore

Rock star Avril Lavigne’s public announcement involving her suffering from chronic Lyme Disease has brought awareness of the illness back to the forefront, and just in time. 461 more words

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As the battle wages on about the treatment of Lyme Disease, Mosquito Squad of the North Shore reminds you that prevention is still the best medicine

Amidst the rising anger and activism of patients suffering from Lyme Disease many feel the lack of treatment is due in part to physicians’ idea that the illness is over diagnosed.  702 more words

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