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Improving your NPS score through implementing ticketing system

In a connected business world, your customer satisfaction measured through the ‘NPS score’ goes a long-way into deciding your business success. The ‘NPS’ or Net Promoter score lets you know about how your business resonates with your customers. 468 more words

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The Advantages of Ticketing Systems in Business

If the company doesn’t have a ticketing system they missing a valuable queue management system that can benefits the employees as well as the customer. Ticketing system that manage customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction. 338 more words

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Creating a Support Ticket

To create a new support case, please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit UTRGV.edu/coltthelp.
  2. Click Create Case in the top right corner.
  3. Please complete all applicable fields so that we may best address your questions.

Empower Your Call Center Agents With A Prosper Escalation Framework – Kapdesk

Irrespective of how efficient and proactive your customer care system is, there will always be cases where you will have to be on your toes and manage accounts of customers that are going through escalation. 473 more words

Ticketing System

Ever Wonder Why Bad Customer Service Is Even A Thing? - Kapdesk

Customer service is a difficult task to master and, one negative incident is more than enough to lose a customer, forever. In this article, we will explore the common characteristics that lead to bad customer service. 572 more words

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How Can You Use A Team Inbox To Improve Your Agents And Productivity? - Kapdesk

All businesses today are using email aliases to manage a vast array of inquiries coming their way. These inquiries could either be from colleagues from other departments or from people with queries regarding the company’s products or services. 630 more words

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Support Your Customers Whenever And From Wherever They Want – Kapdesk

It’s no easy job to scale a business with a growing userbase, but it is something that any successful business has to deal with. With scaling, amongst a variety of other new problems, comes the trouble of dealing with the customer support of a constantly growing and evolving business. 519 more words

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