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Rib Beef: Tickling

by Chloe Burns and Daniella Balazero

Tickling is a weird concept. On the one hand, you may have memories like your parents making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, laughing until you cried or peed your pants. 914 more words

Life & Other Drugs

It's Super Tuesday!!!

Political events are like holidays in my house. The West Wing television series is revered and different episodes are selected for themed mini-marathons. We treat the State of the Union like the Oscars. 1,524 more words

Black Friday : Living On The Down Low

A funny thing after the repost of the first of this four part series, I actually received a repost request from a real person and not one of my personalities.

1,044 more words

How 'Tickle Me Elmo' Caused Holiday Hysteria Back In 1996

History Lesson

The year is 1998. I’m 12 years old, and fond of wearing oversized sweatshirts with dalmatians on them. In Social Studies one day, my teacher, Mrs. 1,617 more words


How Spoiled Am I: My Favorite Toys

Toys. Toys are a big part of our childhood. Obviously. Some toys left a mark on us in a positive way and an even greater mark on our parents (sorry mom and dad! 875 more words