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Tickled Pinkish - a Nonet

her silly antics made me laugh a
great big loud guffaw escaped and
floated through the atmosphere
I giggled til I thought
I’d burst and blushed a… 28 more words

ik 349 for February 2016 wp

ik 349
Dianthus caryophyllus

tickled pink,
She was gifted
a bouquet of frilly


The color pink takes its name from the flowers called pinks, members of the genus Dianthus. 201 more words


illustrated by Jeanne

well-bred fox, tickled,

stays in arms, giggles with glee,

quakes with high ha-ha!


"Use Words Which Laugh"

Go, use words which laugh

when tickled, bristle at wrong,

smile with quiet strength.


Funny Honey!

I couldn’t help but to laugh after clicking on this link! This series of photos had me in Stitches B****es! It’s titled

If the guy who named walkies talkies named other items.

Just check out the site!

Tickled Pink Boutique Womens Bling Skull Checkbook Cover Debit

With the various developments in technology during the last few decades the jewellery market has become more favored. Due to the efficiency of jewelry making today, … 361 more words

Collection Speedy Blush

Hi guys I have one more review and then I have two travel blog posts and that is it for my blog posts for my month of blogging, but since I have been packing for my holiday including makeup I found that I really enjoy changing my makeup and using new things, 158 more words