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It seems like this puppy is just a little bit ticklish

It’s hard to find a dog that doesn’t like to be pet on the neck. Clearly this little guy is the exception.


Spring Break Madness

Sarah is on spring break this week. She started the week by visiting her grandparents in Hartford, then went to DC to visit with high school friends. 55 more words


What else would I say?

When a fanatic Model UN and football fan’s worlds collide. What wlse would I say?


Self Myofascial Release

The way that sounds plus the tools I use… Not quite 50 shades … but it does seem a little masochistic! Still my quads, adductors, hip flexors, etc, – all are grateful for this release! 9 more words


"Smart Scammers"

I had to laugh when I saw this. There are definitely people in my office that seem to live by this guide… especially: “Will this scale”! 12 more words

Rat Race

"GIN on crack yay nerding"

I woke up to a happy text from my strange kid who it seems got into an extra-curricular activity of her choice. She was deeply into Model UN and Global Issues Network (GIN) in high school and I suppose college has afforded her the opportunity to escalate her interests and involvement. 17 more words


occasionally, i’ll get a text like this. the sky is my absolute favorite thing & on a pretty day for it to remind someone of me is an absolute delight & tickles me to no end.