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Kooky Kid

Spent a happy day with S&S. We were all over town running errands and eating everything! We were also entertained by Sophie throughout the day. She’s kooky and we love her!!!



Love the cover of the New Yorker! Perfectly sums up the loon that is now Donald Trump.


Laughing Rats?


Wait a second.  Was that just a rat?

Rats appear to laugh when tickled!  It’s true!  (Not that you would want to tickle a rat…) 22 more words



Audit: (n) an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body.

I have eaten out of the pot and I have owned the pot. 285 more words

A Words

My Matchless Mother

I’m looking forward to having dinner with Mom later, but first I thought I’d post for posterity, a priceless text message exchange we had. Mom who considers herself the perfect hostess and a peerless preemptive planner, has sewn and embroidered little “takeaways” for all who will attend her wake and funeral!!! 65 more words


What happens when you get tickled?

Video credit: Rosa B.

Your body rebels against you and contorts in wriggles and giggles, you burst out in the most annoying, uncontrollable laughter and are suddenly at the mercy of your attacker. 649 more words

Nina Seale

Russell Peters

it was my first time watching a stand-up comedian live. Russell Peters was thoroughly entertaining and more than a little risqué! I’ve seen bits of his act on You Tube before, but was intrigued enough after the show to look him up. 35 more words