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"Smart Scammers"

I had to laugh when I saw this. There are definitely people in my office that seem to live by this guide… especially: “Will this scale”! 12 more words

Rat Race

"GIN on crack yay nerding"

I woke up to a happy text from my strange kid who it seems got into an extra-curricular activity of her choice. She was deeply into Model UN and Global Issues Network (GIN) in high school and I suppose college has afforded her the opportunity to escalate her interests and involvement. 17 more words


occasionally, i’ll get a text like this. the sky is my absolute favorite thing & on a pretty day for it to remind someone of me is an absolute delight & tickles me to no end.


Tickled by something!

This happened yesterday, I was laying on my bed with my bare feet dangling on the edge on the bed when I felt something cold yet warm tickle the back of my leg… I jolted because it made me laugh and I immediately looked back to see if something fell off my piano, nothing fell, everything was in its place. 18 more words

This Girl Can

As fitness/female empowerment campaigns go, this one is as good as it gets. The video is clever and I certainly appreciate it – as someone who jiggles! 7 more words


My first autograph

While I was on vacation last week the damndest thing happened to me: Someone asked me for my autograph. (Now, to be clear, they had never heard of me before and probably will never hear of me again, but that’s not the point.) I was talking to the owner of a local tobacco shop, the one my father always used to go to and the conversation somehow got around to me being a fiction author. 125 more words