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Big Bear The Carefree

“My life is far from Carefree!”

“But all you do all day is sit on the bed and look cute.”

“You can’t honestly think that’s all I do?” 747 more words



The aroma intoxicatingly enters her nose; sighs escaping her mouth.

The sweet tart taste deliciously touches her lips; savoring deeply.

The smooth coolness teases her fingertips; tingling excitedly. 59 more words

Spleens Are Ticklish

Notice how this cartoon starts on Earth and ends up somewhere near Jupiter?

Cool, right?

Comic Commentary

Happy today

Sounds of laughter
Ripple through the air.
Tickled bellies
Send arms and legs
Flailing everywhere.

Her giggles are electric
Inevitably contagious.
She screams,  “More mommy,  more!” 50 more words

Mid-Term Project - #Ist646

This week I was hopping a ride on the struggle bus. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Which made this assignment that much harder. 238 more words


Ask First

Her blonde curls unfurled behind her as she chased her little neighbor friend across the field. All eight years of her pumped those legs to catch up with all three years of her little friend. 558 more words

Yes, Indeedy