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How to Win a Tickle Fight!

We’ve all thought about it… maybe even DREAMED about it! But the question remains, how can someone like me win a tickle fight? (if I had a nickel for every tickle) Luckily for you, Joey Tickles (me) has your back and here are my some of my secrets. 1,790 more words


True love

The anatomy of true love is without the physical attributes of a pretty face or a sensual body.


Sister Wives I and II -- The Throw Down

Tickles and Babycakes are sisters and semi-feral cats, who came when Little Mama brought them to me or at least my house. She didn’t want me to get near them, and although she was only about four pounds soaking wet, she was about the meanest, snarliest, spittingist* four pound fur-ball you’ve ever seen. 543 more words


A Butterfly Kiss

A Butterfly Kiss
A butterfly kiss goes like this…
(brush your eyelashes off the back of baby’s hand or cheek)
An ice-cream kiss goes like this… 87 more words


My Epiphany

For eighteen years I have wondered how my parents marriage still exist. They use to fight constantly about the most ridiculous things like made up conversations about girlfriends and boyfriends they had on the side. 548 more words

Words That Turn Into Sentences To Create A Blog

Round and Round the Garden

Round and round the garden 
Like a teddy bear.
One step, two step,
Tickle you under there!