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Tuesday Tickles (or) Just Sayin'

Greetings Humans!😺 ☕️

I’ve been busy trying to train the human in the art of teaching the new baby how to be an appurropriate kat slave, but she’s been too busy to pay attention to my well crafted lessons. 74 more words


One Hundred and Ten

As narrated by Zee:

We all freeze as the back door squeaks open.

Meez’s face goes white.

It’s dead silent, as we stand on the eggy kitchen flour, icing sugar and yolk dripping off our faces, egg shells in our hair, watching in fear as the door opens wider. 735 more words


listening to leonard cohen after my parents go to sleep...

i was 13, going on 14 when i decided i knew all that is needed to be known and possessed all the wisdom of the world.   4,322 more words


Tuesday Tickles 

Greetings humans!😺 ☕️

My humans have been busy around here getting ready for the new creature – and I’ve had my paws full trying to get my human to settle down fur a bit. 76 more words


you know you’re a lazy grouch when you hear the children trick-or-treating next door and you stealthily turn off your lights to pretend you’re not at home so that you wouldn’t have to put on any pants or rummage through your pantry to provide candy. #lifehackedmaybe


a few words on the dylan nobel literature prize controversy:

to all the haters, or the uninitiated, or those who never really listened to mr. zimmerman’s songs with the attention they deserve. and, especially to ms. 758 more words