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"More Than 23,000 May Die": What if an Earthquake Were to Hit Tokyo, as Posed in September 1964

On April 14, 2016,  some five weeks ago, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 hit Kumamoto City in the western part of Japan, followed two days later by a stronger earthquake of a magnitude of 7.0. 493 more words


Dream question: Why am I dreaming of tidal waves?

Dream question: why have I suddenly started dreaming about tidal waves?

Delphi’s reply:

In recent years, public awareness of tidal waves and tsunamis has grown, along with knowledge of the devastating consequences these events can create. 468 more words


The Sunset that Changed my Life

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  1,050 more words

Encroaching tides wash Dixcove and livelihood of the people away

Fishing is their life and the sea their companion for years, but residents of Dixcove, a fishing community in the Western region are now facing the harsh reality of losing their land as change in climate has led to rising sea levels. 686 more words


"Big Rock Falls Near Here Long Ago"

Florida got some

‘Tidal Wave’ at lease one time.

Yucatan skyfall

sixty-five million years thence

scoured this sandspit clean, I guess!


More than Bright Lights and Bingo

With a few unexpected days between house sits, we decided to do a bit of extra touring; we’re on a holiday, if you will.  As long time Corrie fans, Blackpool has featured high on the list of must see locations in Britain.   1,106 more words


This Life of Mine

I happen to be Luo. Sounds like an apology? Okay. Let me explain. It’s not like a stepped on wet tile slipped and knocked my head and turned into a Luo. 1,628 more words