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Having Morals

This is a very special post to me. Just the other day my morals were tested. I was tested. I had to decide whether I should stick to the morals I set in place for myself or do what I felt I was being pressured to do. 294 more words

Tidbit Thursday

The Significance of Friendships

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today we are talking all about friendships, their significance, and also, why they don’t always last forever. I’ve had many friends in my life time, but these relationships didn’t all last. 807 more words

Tidbit Thursday

You Are Not a Product of Your GPA

College is stressful. Between grades, work, a social life, and basic hygiene it’s hard to find time for everything. It can be stressful when you feel like everything is riding on that little number known as your GPA. 337 more words


How I Store My Makeup

Welcome back! Today is the first installment of “Tips and Tricks” Tuesdays. They won’t all be about makeup I promise. Most of them will be about college and life hacks. 256 more words

Tidbit Thursday

The Importance of Rest In College

Rest is more than just sleep. It’s time taken to take care of your body, mind, and soul. It’s allowing yourself to take a moment, relax, and breathe. 549 more words


Leaving Helped Me Find Myself

The title of this is “Leaving Helped Me Find Myself”, but let me be clear I haven’t completely “found myself” yet. I don’t think you ever really do. 648 more words


Tidbit Thursday: PAINTABLES™ To Be Featured At Creativation Tradeshow In Phoenix, Arizona

We are excited to be exhibitors at the Creativation tradeshow in Phoneix, Arizona. Creativation will host thousands of creative industry professionals in the Arts & Crafts market, and will provide an excellent opportunity for our new innovative PAINTABLES™ product line to gain exposure. 62 more words