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Everyone Is Addicted To Something

Hey guys! Welcome back. I truly believe that everyone is addicted to something. Some people are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, shopping, etc. Everyone has an addiction. 280 more words


Your Fears Change As You Do

Hey guys! Welcome back. It’s been a crazy week and I was soooo sick. That’s why I missed a couple of days and I am catching up now. 247 more words


Why We Get Jealous

Hey guys! Welcome back. I think we all get jealous at some point. Maybe you get jealous of a sibling, a friend, or a significant other. 267 more words


Writing Is The Best Therapy

Hey guys! Welcome back. Since starting my blog a few months ago, I have noticed some profound changes. One is that I feel so much better. 301 more words


Why You Shouldn't Let Go of the Past

Hey guys! Welcome back. Our past, no matter how good or bad it may seem, is a part of who we are. It’s sometimes messy, it sometimes makes us feel a little insecure, and at times we wish it were different. 388 more words


Timing Has Nothing To Do With Relationships

Hey guys! Welcome back. Relationships are difficult, especially if you are with the wrong person. When you realize you are with the wrong person it’s easy to say that it’s “the right person, but the wrong time”. 231 more words

Tidbit Thursday

The Most Important Thing You Will Learn About In College

Hey guys! Welcome back. Today I wanted to talk about college in it’s purest form. The most important thing about college, which is learning. You learn a lot in college because that’s what you’re there for. 406 more words