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How To STOP Overthinking Everything

“We all do our best to stay positive, but occasionally we can slip into negative thinking patterns that can wreak havoc on our lives. We might… 491 more words


RT @DeptofDefense: The @USArmy’s #25thInfantryDivision introduces a new addition to the United by Sacrifice Memorial, that of a female‚Ķ http://j.mp/2emtxk1


6 random things to do as the Durga Puja this year is over

The whirl around goddess Durga make us forget that winter is coming (and then summer, monsoon for that matter) and we need energy to bear those harsher times. 483 more words


Things I refuse quit:

  • Saying “pop” instead of “coke” or “soda” or whatever the fuck it is called here
  • Wearing sandals with jeans when it is appropriate
  • Wearing cargo shorts – fuck your fashion, they’re practical!
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Tuesday Tidbits

Just another unedited, sloppy installment of the random thoughts rolling around in my head today…

I have got to figure out a way to roll with the punches – to not let changes in my schedule completely derail me and my efforts to do better. 373 more words


A phone is just a phone is just a phone.

  • A phone is just a phone. I need to quit allowing myself to buy into the idea that I need a new one whenever I feel like it.
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RT @USNavy: #F35-C attached to F-35 Pax River Integrated Test Force flies over #USNavy’s @ZUMWALT_DDG1000 above the Chesapeake‚Ķ http://j.mp/2e3u3rw