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Goblin Art

TBT – found this goblin I created in 1997 inspired by Brian Froud’s “Goblin Companion.” Ink & watercolor on board… it was fun at the time… lots of lessons learned from it too… a bit damaged from being kept in a hot attic.


Everything changes

All that matters at the bargain store when you are young. Visited the old neighborhood in Bklyn – not much familiar or recognizable anymore. As I walked through the streets it felt so cold compared to how it felt as a child. 93 more words


Making candles for ear-candling...

Let me start off by saying, I am not a medical professional. Ear candling is one of those topics either you believe it works or you don’t. 351 more words


A Conversation on Selfcare.

Hey what’s up guys, It’s Temi and Fikayo back at it again in 2018 bringing you that fresh, original content that you deserve and crave (lol!). 919 more words


My Newest Obsession

I am currently obsessed with Katie Couric.


Correct, that Katie Couric.

About 8,000 years to late, I’m jumping on Team Katie.

I was never a regular Today Show-watcher, so this obsession began casually in the fall when someone pointed me toward her… 261 more words


I walked alone along a star lit path.
Frozen air kissing my face.
The lonely call of an owl echoing across the trees.

“Give in,” it says. 42 more words