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  • Today I’m starting to carry my little point and shoot Canon camera.  I love having a great phone camera, but sometimes I just think there is something about having an actual one just in case something just needs to be snapped with true depth.
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Libraries, Learning & Scholarship

“Study explores faculty views on scholarly communication and information use,” and what I find interesting is the growth in libraries as an active participant in the learning lifecycle of a student. 14 more words


Camp Nano Update

So the final day of Camp Nanowrimo is tomorrow. I’m about three thousand words away from winning, which is doable in twenty-four hours. I’ve been doing a rewrite of a novel I wrote during 2014 Nanowrimo, so I haven’t been stuck when it came to the plot or anything. 194 more words


It's time, again.

  • The most difficult part of the process to be healthier is owning how you got to this point.  It is hard to admit to yourself that you were reckless and careless with food and activity.  
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R1D30 - Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???

So the MAIN reason I started this blog was to keep myself accountable through my Whole 30 journey.  Sure life got busy and I didn’t find myself posting much…BUT, the truth is…I also didn’t need to force myself to stay compliant on the program.   410 more words

Whole30 - Round 1

Snippets of my thoughts....

Thankful that the headache I had for two days finally broke.

Upset that the pizza I ordered was wrong, again. Actually had the courage to call them and have them give me credit. 565 more words

Work harder.

Things I want…

  • to be slim enough to clasp a backpack around my midsection for hiking
  • to be able to pass the various tests required to be a park ranger (physical and mental)
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