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RT @USNavy: MT @USNavyEurope: EODMU 8 is participating in Arctic Specialist 2017, a multi-national EOD exercise in northern… http://j.mp/2kEJqUA


Who Were the Varangians?

The Varangians were the subject of Anna Rykov’s anthropological studies in The Utgarda Trilogy. But the Varangians actually did exist. The Varangians were Viking traders who travelled down the rivers of Russia and Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. 25 more words


How Get The Most From Your Life!

Dreaming Into The Life You Want Most

Will Give You The Most


What Do You Want In Your Life?

It might feel a bit uncomfortable to become “ 234 more words

Self Reflection

Who is Harry Lamb?

Harold Lamb is a medical doctor and one of the protagonists of the Utgarda Trilogy. 165 more words


Maya Mridango (2016)

The director Raja Sen has based his new film MAYA MRIDANGO (2016) on a 1950 novel written by Syed Mustafa Siraj. When an interviewer asked the director as to why he had based his film on such an old novel, the director replied “the cravings of an artist to gain recognition remains the same, whether it is the 1950s or the present times.” This explains why Tagore and Sarat Chatterjee are still popular among filmmakers.

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Zero-Hassle , Time & Cost-Efficient - Express Painting.

My dad might believe that none other than his friend can do the best job of painting a house, “He has the contract to do the NCPA Apartments etc. 661 more words