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top 10 worst laundry detergents

Here’s the list of the top ten worst laundry detergents – the reason they are the “worst” is due to the 1,4 dioxane filler that they use to help bulk up the product.   361 more words


Clean Silver in Minutes ~ NO POLISHING!

I found a pair of gorgeous silver candelabras at Scott’s Antique Market.  They were in a bin with other tarnished silver items just baking in the southern sun.  264 more words

Tide Thefts, Cargo Hijacking And Cattle Rustling: Why Is An Epidemic Of Thievery Sweeping America?

by Michael Synder [1]

November 3, 2013

Desperate people do desperate things, and it appears that Americans are rapidly becoming a lot more desperate.  An epidemic of thievery is sweeping across America, and authorities are not quite sure what to make of it.  1,754 more words