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A sculpin is nearly hidden in the jumble of objects in the shallows of a tide pool at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area in Newport, Oregon. 20 more words


Homes for Urchins

Purple sea urchins sit in the depressions they’ve carved over time into the tide pool, minimizing the force of the waves as the tide comes in and out. 45 more words



She fills my tide pool with her touch
And explores it all around
Revealing delights in nook and cranny
That squirm and wriggle when they’re stroked… 77 more words


"Scavengers Parade", SoCal Seascape, Birds of a Feather...Seek, Study & Collect Artifacts

“Scavengers Parade”, SoCal Seascape, Birds of a Feather…Seek, Study & Collect Artifacts

Scavengers collect natural elements. Study tide pools collect empty vessels.

photography by Diana Serafini… 159 more words


Hello. I'm Shy.

I stopped at the tide pool to photograph a few lined shore crabs visible on the rocks and, after taking their pictures for a while, sat still and enjoyed the little scene before me. 15 more words


Missing Arm

This ochre sea star (starfish) is missing one of its arms, there should be another arm in between the one pointing up and the one pointing right. 48 more words