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Hello. I'm Shy.

I stopped at the tide pool to photograph a few lined shore crabs visible on the rocks and, after taking their pictures for a while, sat still and enjoyed the little scene before me. 15 more words


Missing Arm

This ochre sea star (starfish) is missing one of its arms, there should be another arm in between the one pointing up and the one pointing right. 48 more words


All Anemones Great and Small

There are two species of anemones in this tide pool at Enderts Beach, the big green one is an aptly-named giant green anemone. The clustered little ones are aggregating anemones, they can reproduce multiple ways but this colony would likely consist entirely of clones. 18 more words


The Oystercatcher

A black oystercatcher stands in what must feel like heaven to a bird that eats mollusks, a rock covered in goose barnacles and California mussels. When the tide comes in this rock will be underwater, something I still have trouble wrapping my head around. 116 more words


Revenge of the Crabs

I came across this red rock crab floundering in a tide pool, struggling to emerge from under the rocks and climb onto the beach but the incoming tide washing it back down. 382 more words


The 8:13 to Beaverton

Mussel beds are one of my favorite parts of tide pools, as a slightly-claustrophobic introvert they remind me of crowded trains. There are a couple of trains that I try to catch on my commute as for whatever reason they are usually fairly empty at my stops, when most trains are quite crowded, and arrive and leave work at convenient times. 67 more words