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The Yawning Gull

On my previous visit to the redwoods I was only planning on visiting the forests but was surprised to learn that part of the parks include beaches. 163 more words


The Missing Claw

One of the reasons I visited tide pools on my trips to Olympic National Park and Redwood National and State Parks was to get more familiar with the animals that live there, so I’d be better prepared to photograph them on future visits. 145 more words

Redwood National And State Parks

Mastery through simplicity: Tide pool springtails, Anurida maritima

As if the tide pool surface was ice, hundreds of small gray animals skate and jiggle over the salt water. Not a single one of the animals is wet. 462 more words


[Amy] Starfish

This slimy critter

Loves the fresh tide coming in

A purple starfish


Chocolate on the Rocks

A gathering of chocolate limpets (I think but don’t quote me on it) on a rock in the tide pools of Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park. 199 more words


Calling Up Connections

It’s been a good year for barnacles and bay mussels. Billows of goose barnacles, Pollicipes polymerus, proliferated freely. Blue mussels, Mytilus trossulus, a delicacy for predators, settled abundantly out of the plankton. 222 more words