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Weekend Tasklist

Because Saturday is slightly jam packed (allotment volunteering, making a birthday cake, helping Kathy set up for her party, going to said party) and because I’m all about trying to be more intentional and organised this month. 139 more words

How I Live

If You Are Neat, Are You Organized?

One of the most frequent questions we get from clients is “So, is YOUR home super organized”?

We know in their mind they are picturing the glossy spreads in… 256 more words

General Organizing

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I will admit that I confuse these two sometimes. Being neat doesn't necessarily mean you are organized.

Personal Challenge: September - Week 1

As a quick coles notes about what this is all about, I give myself a challenge every month to better myself and/or others. This month is all about making my life more simple but decluttering and giving things that I do not need/use to those who could. 545 more words

Personal Challenge

Another Lifestyle Change: Getting Organized

Stressors are abundant these days, some people are hiding their stress reaction better than others but we all need to consider how these stressors affect our health.  675 more words

Benefits To Organization

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One thing that disorganized people fail to understand is exactly what this post says under "Missed deadlines and issues with productivity." I promise you your disorganization is noticed and it is keeping you from getting promotions, new jobs, connections, referrals and the like. If I notice your clutter, then others are as well. Just a thought.

Choosing niceEshopTM Tidy Mesh Desk Organiser Set Office OrganizerBlack

It seems that one of the most frequent issues new screen printers run into is printing white ink. I’ve heard a variety of questions like: Why do all my other colours print superb and white is so powerful? 311 more words

So I Organised my Shed..

My husband has a strange sense of humour. In between the flowers and the kisses he likes to leave me quirky presents, you know the general mess and clutter or holes under the sink sort. 201 more words



I’ve never seen myself as a hoarder. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. I hate clutter, I hate mess and I often go through stages of throwing everything that I haven’t used recently out. 163 more words

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