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swept up

Making a clean sweep of it.  
Instead of sweeping up dust bunnies, this lucky broom has collected a better prize!


KonMari-ing from my desk

Today I just felt like I needed to declutter some stuff, and as I am at work, all I could do was:


Clutter is not just physical...

Clutter invades our lives in a lot of ways.  Living in a capitalistic society, we are encouraged to buy everything, and replace it often.  The old adage ‘keeping up with the Jones’ is just as true today as it’s ever been.   472 more words



When we moved house 18 months ago I orchestrated the clear out of all clear outs. I did tip run after tip run. I got to know the first names of the old biddies at the charity shop. 362 more words


Screen Art

When I was a child, I would run my finger across the screen door when it was wet and observe how the water transferred from one square to the next. 320 more words

Life hack time😈💜

Make sure your  room is tidy !   If your room is messy you are more likely to procrastinate and not get things done ✅

Hope you will use this life hack 💕 28 more words

Life Hacks

Shabby chic Rose Bed Tidy £15

Shabby chic rose bed tidy would be a treat for a little girl or a grown up to store their things in. Just tie the straps onto your bed and fill the pockets. 13 more words

Bed Tidies