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Love/ Hate Tag!

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In this tag we have to share 10 things we love and 10 we hate and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same. 199 more words

Everything Else


It had reached the point where there was no use tidying up in my room. Wardrobe was irreversibly floordrobe and I can say without a shadow of a doubt this mess has been probably the truest reflection of the state of my mental health. 175 more words

Mental Health

How to be organised, neat and tidy

My sister recently bought her 20-something daughter a make-up pouch. It had a motto on the front that went something like this, ‘When my underwear matches I really feel like I’ve got my sh*t together’. 2,057 more words

So, that's what it's for!

Ever wondered what the mysterious black bobble was? It simply hold the seat belt so you don’t have to go fishing around behind yourself every time you go to strap in! 12 more words


Tidy room = a tidy mind?

So last weekend I went to IKEA and bought a couple of things for my room. I am notorious for having a messy room. I don’t like having it messy I just find it annoying to tidy it. 116 more words



I had a lovely art trail selling 7 pieces of work and chatting to lots of visitors. Still exhausted. Its nice to unpack my paintings BUT I  find packing them up after is my idea of a nightmare with mountains of bubble wrap to sort out.   90 more words