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this morning I spent time tidying up the house…

so it would be ready for the cleaning person…

always made me giggle when I used to hear from friends about how they were cleaning up before their cleaner arrived… 63 more words

Big Girl Pants

Book review: Life-changing Magic of Tidying up, by Marie Komodo

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve had a busy 4th of July weekend. You may think that I must have had dozens of invitations to barbecues and house parties, but you would be wrong. 362 more words


Clean Your Home

It’s quite essential for me to get the accurate suggestions on how to keep my house clean and maintained, especially my room, which always looks like it needs a clean swipe. 1,141 more words



Momentum, once I have some going I’m unstoppable.

With homework I’ve realised that all I have to do is start. Then as long as I don’t look at the clock it’s easy to just keep going. 313 more words


4 Tips for an Organised Desk

I have to admit, I love organising. One of the things I love most in the world is when items are in their exact place, facing the right way and within approximately 5cm of each other. 717 more words


6 Ways to Organise Your Room

Organising your room can make you feel more relaxed and have more control over your life! It makes things a whole lot easier to find and also keeps things all tidy. 341 more words


All the small things 

Minimalism isn’t a one-and-done decision and sometimes it’s not easy to continue on the minimalist path.

We have thrown out, sold, and donated probably two-thirds of our things and we still have loads more to do. 346 more words