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5 ways to procrastinate you wish we didn't just tell you

If you’re anything like us at The Tap, you’re useless, lazy and downright pathetic when it comes to being motivated and following through with fun but laborious ideas, such as writing a song, getting fit or starting a joke news site. 209 more words


Excuse the mess.

Excuse the mess. That is something I find myself saying everytime someone steps through our front door.

Looking around, there are countless toys strewn across the floor. 254 more words


Day eight

It is great losing track of the days of the week during the school holidays. Usually Sundays are a source of panic and dread, but today feels like any other day of the week. 94 more words

Day Seven

I always find it harder to be more productive during the weekends, although invariably I end up being extremely busy.

When it is term time, my weekend is spend getting ready for the week ahead – there have been weekends where I have spent nigh on the whole weekend doing work; marking, assessing and planning. 453 more words


With the world and US news recently being overwhelming and hard to wrap my mind around, I have found myself keeping a clean minimalist and function oriented house. 746 more words

Day one

Today I have begun ‘The Great House Tidy’. I’ve been going since 10am and the whole upstairs is how in a condition that I feel satisfied with – with the exception of the stairs. 55 more words

Achieving my dreams through my 4 year old

I know, I know, this is usually considered a very bad thing. 

However, this time I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. 350 more words