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Oh yeah

This is the latest in a long series of posts about the state of my studio/craft room. I started talking about this about five years ago, I kid you not. 88 more words

Mixed Bag

How To Maintain A Tidy Room

So let’s be honest, Uni students are pretty unkempt. They wear the dopest clothes and perfumes but their rooms are another story. And yes, I’m looking at you too, ladies. 764 more words


Minimalist Liz

Anyone who knows me knows that the life that I lead is anything but minimalist. It is cluttered as can be from the amount of stuff I own, the amount of internet accounts I run, and the amount of worries and thoughts I have on any given day. 548 more words


TRUE LIFE: I'm addicted to Organizing

……and its not a good thing

I have found myself never to be a neat or organized person until I got to college. I was always messy, losing things, forgetting to bring something or not planning for my day ahead. 281 more words

KondoMari-ing Clothes

Interestingly, the way that Kondo suggests we fold our clothes is exactly the way my grandmother taught me when I was little. Of course I didn’t continue to fold this way because I had TOO much clothes. 123 more words

Kondo Marie My Life

The Article That Inspired Change

So, I was just mentioning to Bear last night how pleased I’ve been with myself over the past month or so because the house has been staying so clean.   644 more words