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Organisation is key

So for the past couple of weeks I have been helping my friend out in her shop.

There have been some major changes for her and her business relationship has just ended badly. 535 more words


Forming Habits for a Cleaner Home

Do you have one of those friends or family members with a home that never seems messy? How can they do it? With children, work, and life in general it can be really hard to keep your home neat and tidy. 45 more words


Reading is your hobby? You will need new furniture to tidy all your favourite books! Have a look at Aleph Bookcase by Jesse

Have you been looking for a modern furniture piece that can help you tidy all your favourite books? Aleph Bookcase by Jesse can be the one! 21 more words

Behind the scenes

I thought that I would take a few moments to share my craftroom with you all.

I can’t take credit for the pegboard idea, I have Pinterest to thank for that, but it works brilliantly. 193 more words


I made a vlog! 

I decided it was about time I had a go at vlogging. My first vlog is a (slightly shaky and poorly edited) guided tour around my craft room ably assisted by Ollie of course! 58 more words


My dish washing routine!

We don’t own a dishwasher, so our only option is to wash dishes by hand, but I think I may actually prefer this option! When I’ve seen cutlery and dishes that have been washed by a dishwasher in the past I haven’t been too impressed, and I know I’m… 664 more words


A tip for organising apps on iOS

I’m not sure how I came about finding this tip. Maybe I figured it out myself! I honestly can’t remember, but since I’ve been doing this, my phone has been a lot more organised. 636 more words