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Evening heat squeezes
Shiny lines of black oil from
Softwood railroad ties

It Ain't Nothin' to Cut That Ish Off!!

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When it comes to cord-cutting and breaking/severing soul ties, there are a multitude of ways to try. i say “try” because there is no guarantee you will succeed the first time. 903 more words

Tie Tuesday: Christmas in July 2018 Santa is Prepping

Hard at Work. Getting everything ready.

Hey there all you happy people. It’s July and as it usually is during this month all around the country… It’s Hot as Hell!! 294 more words

Back Around

Back Around

I knew if I waited you’d come

back around


out from the covers

you hide under

Keeping out the light

You said, 134 more words


Four Funerals and a Wedding

To my amusement, I recently realised that since my retirement I have only worn ties for four funerals and a wedding.

This was a strange thought, as I used to wear a tie every working day as a teacher. 247 more words



Η 18η Οκτωβρίου είναι κάθε χρόνο αφιερωμένη στη γραβάτα! Με αφορμή την Διεθνή Ημέρα για την Γραβάτα λοιπόν και μιας και απέχουμε 96 μέρες από εκείνη την μέρα, συντάξαμε έναν οδηγό για τις πλεκτές γραβάτες, που αποτελούν μια εναλλακτική πρόταση για το αγαπημένο αξεσουάρ αρκετών ανδρών.


when you look up ...

… what do you see? Well when you look up inside Trinity Church in the City of Boston, in the nave, you see a beautiful painted ceiling with abstract patterns and artistically rendered script. 57 more words