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My nightmare at Tiffany's~

I LOVE the blue box, you know, with the satin, white bow!! There is something so classic and elegant about Tiffany and Co. It is also very sparkly in their stores and I love sparkly stuff. 1,098 more words

Tiffany & Co.

1837 წელს ჩარლზ ლუის ტიფანიმ და ჯონ ბ. იანგმა ბროდვეიზე ფირმაTiffany&Young გახსნეს, რომელიც საკანცელარიო ნივთებითა და არაჩვეულებრივი სუვენირებით ვაჭრობდა. სხვათა შორის, ამ მოვლენას ნიუ-იორკის ყველა გაზეთი გამოეხმაურა. 114 more words


Wedded Wednesday - Tiffany Love

There’s nothing prettier than a piece of bling presented in that Tiffany Blue Box. I’m obsessed with the Tiffany & Co logo, it’s just iconic, and I think secretly, every girl wants a piece in her jewellery box. 141 more words


Quantum Courage


Today I’m introducing you to this awesome german brand:QUANTUM COURAGE. 153 more words


A Night Out

Hey guys!

Here’s my first fashion post. I’m not the most fashionable person, or I’d like to think so.

On a night out, I like to keep things very simple. 111 more words


Fifth Dare - London Calling

So this post was supposed to be written on Sunday night. Unfortunately I have been so exhausted from the joys and delights that a weekend in London offered that I am sitting down now finally on this not so special Thursday to write. 357 more words


#RocksMyWorld: The Details on Tiffany & Co. s Hot T Collection

In this weekly feature, InStyle’s jewelry and watch editor Marion Fasel shares the inside scoop on the treasures that are on her radar. Look for it every Thursday on What’s Right Now, and follow Fasel on Instagram (@marionfasel) to see more gems that rock her world. 399 more words