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It’s my birthday today!!!  I’m a million gazillion in doggy years…
don’t I look maaaahvelous!

The Roxie Wag


This post is way too long overdue and I really need to start getting myself into a schedule where I post regularly but anyways…

Last month it was my sixteenth birthday and for the weekend following up to it I went on a trip to London with my family. 509 more words

Oxford: Discovering new cities

On my search for the right university, I visited Oxford Brookes with my parents and it was truly enthralling. I had heard from a friend that the university was amazing but I didn’t expect such a high standard of facilities. 205 more words

Travelling the world

Being able to visit any country in the world is an opportunity that I am most grateful of, as many can either not afford to go away or physically can’t go away whether due to illness or maybe it is too dangerous to leave their town. 413 more words

Children of Aleppo

It is so easy for us to shrug off anything that is happening outside of our own country for the straight up reason that it isn’t directly affecting us. 315 more words

The key to bookstyle

As for the key,I put it on the string next to my apartment key and wore it like a pendant

-from Extremely loud& Incredibly close…

187 more words

Festival DONT'S for S/16

Hey guys, so after doing my Festival Trends fro S/16 blog I thought I’d do one about all of the things I think should never be worn at a festival. 220 more words