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The Tiger Collection video from Bovington Tank Museum

Here is a short video showing off the new “Tiger Collection” Exhibition at the Bovington Tank Museum.

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TFB: P-47s, Tiger Tanks, and Bouncing Bullets

Over at The FirearmBlog (TFB), contributor Nathaniel F has written a post examining the peculiar myth of P-47 fighter bombers “bouncing” .50 cal bullets into the bottom hulls of Tiger tanks during the fighting in the ETO in 1944-45.   138 more words

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Games We Play: Tanks, Best 2 out of 3, II

Earlier I told you about the first two games of Tanks with our boy. Here is the rest of the day of Tanks.

Game 3, Assassination. 500 more words

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The road to Cambridge* is paved with good intentions (and unpainted models)

Somehow despite being absolutely demolished, repeatedly, in our Bolt Action league, I was persuaded to sign up for a tournament this March. When I agreed to this last year it felt like a very long time away, but now it’s sneaking up on me and I’ve painted very little. 420 more words

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Games We Play: Tanks, Part 2

Previously, I wrote about our experiences with Tanks by Gale Force 9.

A quick recap, Tanks is a World War 2 Armor (read TANKS) skirmish game. 499 more words


Document of the Day: Tigers in Syria

Instead of a Photo of the day, today we present a Document of the day.  This one is chosen more for entertainment value than anything else.   99 more words

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Book Alert: Tigers In Combat: Volume III: Operation, Training, Tactics

Amazon is listing a January 19 release date for Tigers In Combat: Volume III: Operation, Training, Tactics by Wolfgang Schneider.  This book is a follow-up to his popular volumes… 170 more words

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