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Der Tiger at Geelong Model Engineers

GSMEE (Geelong Society of Model and Experimental Engineers) had its annual exhibition at Osborne House, North Geelong last weekend.

Osborne House used to be Australia’s submarine headquarters, and it still houses a superb maritime museum.   301 more words


Overlord's Blog: Tigers for Breakfast

David Lister at Overlord’s blog has posted an article about an action involving Tiger tanks in North Africa called “Tigers for Breakfast“.

By January 1943 the war had turned against Germany.

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Historical Vehicle News

Movie Review: 'Fury' - Saving Private Ryan in a tank...


You can buy it here

I’ve now watched ‘Fury’ three times.  The first time time was at the Kensington Odeon, on a romantic date-night with Mary (I know, I know – at least I took her to Byron Burger afterwards).   1,165 more words

Update: Flames of War plastic tanks - undercoating

A basecoat was applied to all the tanks I had left to do. Vallejo Dead Flesh for the German tanks (dark grey for the older model one I had kicking around). 115 more words

Flames Of War

January 29, 1945


In England, Verne participated in a mission against a tank manufacturing plant and his brother-in-law, Kenneth E. Cline, a B-24 pilot goes on his first mission . 426 more words

పెళ్ళికి గెస్టుగా చిరుత

పెళ్ళికి గెస్టుగా చిరుత

అంటే.. ఎవరైనా ప్రముఖులో, అభిమానులో పెళ్ళి చేసుకుంటుంటే ‘చిరుత’ రామ్‌చరణ్ హాజరయ్యాడని కాదు…………………………………….seemore

Movie Review: Fury

When I saw the commercials for Fury I was definitely a little put off; if you market a war movie like an action movie but try to add sentimental elements to it then I have a problem with that. 612 more words