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Hyōgo (ひょうご)

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(Main) gender: Male
Pronunciation: kho:-go [ço̞ː.ɡo̞]
Various transcription: Hyougo

Etymology and/or ways to write:
One way to write this name is to use a regular 2-kanji combination, with the first element being used as 兵 meaning “soldier, army,” 彪, which can refer to a small tiger or otherwise the stripes of a tiger, or 丙, which refers to the third of the ten Heavenly Stems. 287 more words


Remembering Munna

In him we have much to admire but from him we have much more to learn.

After my second encounter with him I asked my guide, who had been working in Kanha for twenty-five years, if every sight of Munna still excited him. 657 more words


The Flaming Familiar

A wave of electricity swept over Blaze, and he yelled out as his muscles tensed, pain making an unnatural roar come from deep within his throat. 370 more words

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