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Extinct Species

There are six species of existing tigers now, but there were once more. The Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers are extinct. The Bali tiger was the first to go extinct, then the Caspian, then the Javan. 83 more words

Liebster One More Time

After checking my notifications, I saw Rusty nominated me for the Liebster Award. I already received this and you can check out my post here… 336 more words


Shivaji – The Boss

A full moon rose as the drone of cicadas filled the air, it was an unusually quiet night. I was experiencing my first ever ‘Solo travel’, a term that I was introduced to recently. 1,136 more words

Wild Encounters

Tiger Part 8- All done!

Finally, it’s all come together! I have to confess, I did get my other half to sew it all together as I don’t much enjoy sewing while she does!


Tiger Part 7- Parts almost all finished!

The arms, tail and stomach/muzzle are now all done! (The photos from my phone look very red for some reason!)

I now just have to do the ears and sew the lot together! 32 more words


T is for Tiger

Some T prefixes

tachi—, tacho—, tachy— all imply “swift”.



tauto— means “the same”.


techno— relates to the use of technology. 224 more words


~ Crafting In Progress ~ (Paper Mache) ~ Part One


The picture above came from the above link

~ Tiger cub ~

I’m embarking on a craft for the wintertime (January 28th 2015 ) ~ This will probably take me many months to finish crafting a cute little tiger cub out of paper mache. 855 more words