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Have We Passed the Point of No Return on Climate Change?

This is asked in this article. I think we will before we can mobilize to stop it. We need to focus on adapting now. 14 more words


Tiger Temple tigers ordered to be removed from the facility by the end of April

Pictures of people next to supposedly non-drugged tigers  always bothered me, but the temple has been cleared more than once of abuse accusations in the past, most recently in February of this year. 53 more words


Tigers’ lose exhibition games

Posted: April 7, 2015 | Written by Edith Noriega

The Riverside City College baseball team drew a setback when they entered a two game friendly against Santa Barbara College on April 1 and Taft College on April 2. 466 more words


Facts About Tigers

Why are they endangered? Loss of habitat and their prey, as well as poaching, are the reasons the tiger is almost extinct in the wild. Saving tigers requires steps beyond the stopping of poaching. 351 more words


I really want to own a few tigers

I’ve really loved tigers since I was a kid. I love that they’re so beautiful and I love the chuffing sound they make. They’re so amazing. 35 more words


WildAid - Reducing demand for animal products

I really love the organization WildAid. Their approach of reducing the demand for animals products resonates with me. Based in San Francisco, they partner with celebrities and leaders to produce public service announcements. 13 more words