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Party Political Poem

I wrote/recorded a Party Political Poem for David Cameron. Dressed as befits the forward-thinking, modern Conservative lady.

The world will end Valentines Day 2016.

Funny Facebook moment of the week.

So in Ghostbusters they said the End of the World is going to be Feb. 14 2016. Bummer.  Yet here we are, and I’m still alive.  158 more words

My Experience With Corset Marks On The Skin - With Corset Mark Examples

It’s natural for corsets to leave marks on the skin after wearing. I’ve posted before about how I wear my mesh corsets next to the skin, but I thought it would be helpful to include some other photos of my skin after wearing different corsets for different lengths of time at different reductions. 658 more words


Waist Training- All Bad Trends come Full Circle

Waist Training Corsets seem to be a new trend popping up everywhere. I did a quick search for ‘waist training corsets’ on Ali Express and nearly 40,000 results came back. 387 more words