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Spandex 2017: Best Spandex Stars August 1-15

Our choices for stars in Spandex, leggings or ‘tights’ for the first half of August! 34 more words

Review: Wolford Fatal 15 Tights

       I seldom talk about men in tights because I believe clothing itself has no gender.  It is our society that shapes us what is and is not adequate to wear.  854 more words


The Guide To Hosiery

We’ve been very busy here at Pretty Legs so it’s been a while since we posted on our blog! We are now back to it though and have here a handy hosiery guide. 306 more words


The Princess Diaries and the concerning delay in the advancement of pantyhose

Foreword: For the sake of  simplicity, I’m using the term pantyhose as a catchall term for both traditional pantyhose as well as colored tights. But it is worth noting that I believe most tights are much more dependable than sheer pantyhose and that when I say pantyhose I mostly mean pantyhose because I have a bone to pick with pantyhose. 869 more words

How yoga made tights fashionable?

I am going to get in touch with my feminine side by touching on a topic of yoga tights! Tights seemed to have come a long way. 1,102 more words

Spandex 2017: Best Spandex Stars July 24-31

Spandex or ‘tights’ — whether going for a workout or just on the streets — these celebs just carried their tights in style. 36 more words

Renaissance Men

Along with the 1790s, the 1490s are probably my favourite decade in the history of male fashion.