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Emergency as I remember after 42 years! - Ajay Tripathi

It was 42 years ago, on 26 Jun 1975, I was in class 8th and was waiting for school to open. I was told some kind of emergency has been declared by the govt and lots of people of opposition parties are being arrested. 4,511 more words

26 Jun 1975

Om Prakash Chautala: Convicted former CM could be an inspiration for many in old age

Om Prakash Chautala (82), former Chief Minister of Haryana, is not an ideal politician for sure after convicted in a scam. But the octogenarian politicians could be an inspiration for many who are serving their term in jail, and oldies who think have lived and seen enough. 148 more words


Trending at Tihar: students of Pearl Academy walking the ramp

Pearl Academy, India’s leading institution for design, fashion and creative business took a one of its kind initiative by setting up a fashion laboratory in collaboration with Tihar Jail. 56 more words

Don't call me as jailor says Tihar jail first woman superintendent for mens jail Anju Mangla

నన్ను జైలర్ అనొద్దు..

తీహార్ అనగానే కరడు గట్టిన నేరస్థులను కట్టుదిట్టమైన భద్రత మధ్య బంధించి ఉంచే కారాగారమే గుర్తొస్తుంది. అలాంటి జైలుకి తొలి మహిళా డీజీగా నియమితులై..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

Confession of a killer of two innocent children

 I was a rookie reporter in Delhi. A friend asked me to visit a convict in Tihar Jail waiting for the noose any day in the next week or two for having burnt to death two innocent children in their sleep. 745 more words