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Best Known Monsters from the Philippine Mythology

It has been said a thousand times that the Philippines is a rich country. It is indeed rich and of all sorts. Aside from having almost-paradise places, and warm-hearted people, it is also abundant in different cultures, filled with things such as mythical beings, folktales, and superstitious beliefs. 370 more words

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TIKBALANG: The Horse Demon

In the Philippine forest  is said to lurk a creature, part man, part horse known for its speed and mischievous nature.  Some say it is a mythical spirit that guards the gateway to the Skyworld.   67 more words

The Tikbalang in Philippine Folklore: A Shapeshifting Trickster

In Philippine folklore, a tikbalang is a bizarre, shape-shifting, trickster spirit that haunts certain places in the wildlands of the country.   It is said to be a tall humanoid creature that dwells in the forests and mountains of the Philippines and often described as a reverse form of a centaur.  1,113 more words