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Save The Food!

Participating at the farm is highly experiential. The garden is vivid, plants change rapidly, an entire living world buzzes, squirms, chirps and hums amongst the green canopy. 56 more words

Repairing the Non-Disposable World

This world is known as the “World of Rectification” (The Works of Kabbalah).

I wonder what the ancient Kabbalists would say about the modern world. Our everyday life certainly does not appear to be a “world of rectification.”

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Theresa May and the ECHR 

I think this might be another one of those cases where a politician is saying outrageous things to distract the public from what’s really going on. 940 more words


Extensional Judaism

My latest blog post for The Jerusalem Post:

What is an apple? And what does that have to do with Judaism?

It has to do with definitions. 708 more words


Farm Stand!

Plant It Forward Farms launched a new Farm Stand in Westbury this past weekend. The Farm Stand is open every weekend year-round with fresh, seasonal produce, grown organically on the farm, available for purchase. 133 more words

Surprise Wisdom From D&D

Every other Saturday is D&D day. I love the campaign I’m in. We’ve been playing together for 20 years, in several different campaigns. The DM is a great storyteller. 504 more words

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