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Peter Beinart’s Bible Study

Scene: Hebron, 1800 B.C.E

Abraham: Oy vey ist mir! My beloved Sarah has died! Efron the Hittite, please let me bury my wife here.

Efron the Hittite: 105 more words


Our Faith As A Life Preserver - By Marc

There are many pitfalls to political posts, and so I try to avoid them here, and I attempt to limit my Facebook activity to music and pro-Israel commentary. 789 more words

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Let The Dumpster Fire Fuel Your Own.

Anger. Grief. Sorrow. Disgust. Pure bewilderment. Rage. Determination. Resistance. Helplessness. Despondence. All of these feelings (and a plentiful amount more) have been ones that seem to be permeating not only my Facebook wall as of late, but most other peoples’s social media feeds as well (at least the ones who have a majority of liberal (or at the very least, reasonable friends). 1,362 more words

Transmuting Outrage Into Enlightened Action and Radical Responsibility

All that we are decrying, protesting, railing against now….we need to look at how we participate in perpetuating those same ills. Let’s take fashion for instance. 490 more words


Syrian Woman Flees to Israel to Give Birth

If one considers the multitude of UN resolutions against Israel or the propaganda of the Palestinians, it would be logical to think that Israel is void of any semblance of human rights.   332 more words

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New Quotation

Just posted this as a comment on an article on LinkedIn, but – and OK, ego here – I think it’s noteworthy enough to post (and will add to my list of quotations I’ve coined): 17 more words

We will never find our synthesis

Times of Israel 12/9/16

Of all the wrap-ups of the 2016 US Presidential election, Prof. Yehuda Mirsky’s essay on ‘the new Jewish Question’ has had the most profound impact on me. 732 more words