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A Couple Weeks in Photos: Success Stories

Prince and Oscar pose with their certificates from the International Theater Literacy Program (ITLP) training that took place at the village during the term break. The students who participated in the training put on a performance for all of the returning students and staff. 621 more words

Talmud and the Death Penalty

A recent study cited in Forbes documented problems in the application of the death penalty in the United States. The provocative study suggests that one out of every twenty-five defendants sentenced to death in the U.S. 127 more words



I base everything I say below on my personal awakening.

It may be irrelevant to you.

To read on you must be open to ideas that differ from yours. 500 more words

Photography And Art

#BlogElul Day 3: Search

As humans we are all in search of something. What it is exactly that we are in search of is impacted by many factors, one in particular being geography. 316 more words


"Dare, Care, Share", aka Fun with Math

Let’s have some Fun with Math, shall we?

The challenge is called “Dare, Care, Share” and involves me, you and yours.

It’s an easy but fun math problem to solve, I promise. 358 more words


Who Is Paititi, What is Their Work, and Why Is It Important to Peru and the Planet?

As some of you know,  I’ll be moving to the Sacred Valley of Peru to volunteer for a year at Paititi Institute.  I wanted to share a bit about them, the work they do and it’s importance. 801 more words


Why I'm Going: As I Prepare to March

What bothered me most about last years cinematic representation of the march from Selma to Montgomery was the absence of the rabbis.

During the Civil Right’s movement, as you know, prominent Reform and Conservative rabbis became public civil rights activists, speaking out to their congregations, marching with Rev. 1,759 more words

Divrei Torah & Sermons