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Israel Reaches Out to the World, While Defending the Homeland

For those who think very little takes place in Israel, think again!  While Prime Minister Netanyahu is making speeches at the UN, meeting with world leaders and promoting the State of Israel to other countries, plenty is going on at home! 332 more words

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Existence and Sustainability

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally considered to be the day that the universe was created, in this case 5778 years ago (give or take a few billion). 414 more words

Rosh Hashanah

After Charlottesville: a sermon for Rosh Hashanah

One Saturday last month I was sitting by the pool after services, watching my son and his friends swim, when my cellphone started to buzz with messages from friends. 2,630 more words

Days Of Awe

Elul 12 - Count

We had such a good time singing last night. Maybe it isn’t a real “Slihot” service to sit around singing songs of change and renewal – everything from “Eli, eli” to “simple gifts”, from Christian hymns, to Jewish rounds, from High Holidays poetry to campfire songs – but it’s my way of marking that changing season, that changing time. 558 more words


Jews and Arabs Side-by-Side...Despite BDS!

Hi friends!  We’re in the middle of exploring the Biblical land of Samaria, talked about consistently in the Bible.  Yesterday I gave you a brief overview of the demographics and today I want to tell you about Jews and Arabs working together side-by-side in Samaria. 599 more words

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There is Now an Urgent Need for Tikkun Olam and Therefore Forensic Architecture, and ICC Accountability are an Imperative

A revolutionary reinvention and a reinvigorated implementation of the fundamental principles of universalist ethics coupled to honesty, in addition to a genuinely participative progressive democracy, based on the end of all wars as a means to arrive at and consolidate political power, and based on the end of the false notion that capitalism run amok bereft of underlying social development ( which both have fostered the false notion that perpetual growth is possible ),  and this additionally based on an universalist quest for the equalization of the rights and obligations inherent in civilized culture, all have to be implemented urgently NOW and on a global scale, since the alternative is a path guaranteed to lead to total self-destruction. 1,370 more words

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