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Why the Jews support anti-Jewish social movements?

That is true – many Jews are supporting various social movements, which are not only anti-Israel but anti-Jewish (in the true sense of Torah guidance) as well. 844 more words

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Making our world better

Previously published in the Huffington Post as ‘It’s Not Too Late To Heal The World”:

‘Survival of the fittest’

That’s the best way to describe life in the jungle, with animals doing whatever they need in order to stay alive. 749 more words

Charleston, flags, and the larger obligations of tikkun olam

Ever since the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC on June 17, I have been filled with conflicting emotions. The first emotion was powerful sadness. 651 more words

Charity Bleg: Connections Israel

Anyone who has perused my blog knows that I have a Charities Page. All of these are places where I have donated to before, and continue to try to do so as I can. 146 more words

Job Search Article Aggregate - June 21, 2015

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to… 4,388 more words

A Perfect Fit: Prosthetics, Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam

When he travels to Zacapa, Guatemala to provide prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces to amputees, Michael Smerka of Marblehead takes his responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world (“tikkun olam”) literally.  912 more words


A Living Chain of Tikkun Olam in Chelsea

CHELSEA — Aweis Hussein tends his family’s vegetables in a community garden located at Chelsea’s Temple Emmanuel. He grows okra, tomatoes and corn, staples in his native Somalia. 1,108 more words