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A water meadow

December was memorable last year. Finally, we achieved the water meadow effect we have been striving for in our park.  This was thanks to the iris and to our learning how to manage long grass in ways other than cutting it. 732 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

About a meadow. An update.

Wildflower meadows sound so delightfully romantic and evocative. And they can be in practice, but there is not just one way of achieving this.

When we talk about ‘wildflowers’ in New Zealand gardening, we are not talking about our own native wildflowers. 1,262 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Tikorangi Notes - of earthquakes, tree ferns and a meadow experiment

It has been a discombobulating week. For overseas readers, I should explain it started with another major earthquake. Despite the quake being centred on the east coast of the South Island (we are the west coast of the North Island), it was the worst one Mark and I have ever felt. 838 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Hosta Time

November sees hostas looking their very best. We used to grow hostas when we were still running the nursery. From memory, it was in the vicinity of four or five thousand every year, year in and year out, across maybe 35 different varieties. 840 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Garden Lore - when renga renga lilies go bad.

Our native renga renga lilies are an immensely handy, low maintenance plant for semi shade. However Arthropodium, most commonly A. cirratum, can run into problems. This is particularly evident this spring which may have something to do with the dreary, cool and wet conditions. 511 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Garden Lore - slugs, snails and baits

“Not all slugs cause damage to your garden. The great grey slug is relatively harmless to your precious vegetables and flowers because it generally eats fungi and rotted vegetable matter and even its other, less welcome cousins.

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Tikorangi: The Jury Garden

Feathered friends

The decision not to replace our last cat – when she shuffled off the mortal coils after 16 long years of cantankerous and unpredictable behaviour – was not taken lightly. 947 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden