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"Till The End" by Phinehas

Phinehas‘ new album Till The End is definitely the kind of album that takes you on a journey. Get comfy, turn off the lights and let the music overload your senses with impeccable guitar riffs, ferociously captivating vocals (both clean and heavy), and technically sophisticated instrumentals. 262 more words


Work It Out - Lucy Rose' new album

Lucy’s second album is more modern and contemporary compared to her last.  Where she drove her sound with acoustic guitar with a fairly organic band sound (albeit with a little technology here and there with keyboards and trigger pads) on ‘Like I Used To’ she has temporarily put down the acoustic guitar for ‘Work It Out’.   207 more words

Track of the Week (T.O.W)

Logic: Till The End(Listen)

This track has a rather unique sound and feel with it’s provocative lyrics penetrating the listener’s ears, certainly making any introspective individual permanently put their device on repeat.   79 more words



i will be with you till the end… . so sweet… ^__^

if you are looking for a spouse, look for the one who will take you to jannah (paradise)

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Tugas Kuliah

This Sense of Nature

This sense of nature

Words cannot express this sense of nature and its abundant charm and there are very few who acquiring modern culture retain it. 308 more words


Fight Till the End


The other night I realized that my summer was already half way over! I just couldn’t believe it! Time always goes super fast. I wanted to make this a year to remember. 200 more words