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Some comments from children

Wanted to start up some evaluative discussions with the children this week to assess what they’ve learned about drums so far, what they’re curious about next, and so forth. 125 more words


Some anecdotes about drumming and counting

Jotting down a few memories as I think back about the first month of drumming…A few moments when children exhibited abilities to count rhythmically while drumming. 267 more words

Week 3, Monday

This time we are not drumming by ear, as in the Echo Game. Now we are drumming by sight. Very fun to use magnet tiles to read and write drum parts! 152 more words

Week 2

This was the week when we had our first “Drummunity” drum circle engagement with local teacher Lori Frithian, who came to visit…Alas, I kind of missed this because a child was very upset that morning and needed a lot of help from me. 89 more words

Day One of Summer Drumming

This was pretty much a warm-up day, didn’t bother video’ing anything although Kat took some afternoon shots. Learned several ups and downs to navigate.

  • I’ll be very curious to see how Lori handles large-group drumming next Wednesday; the method I’m starting with can work great in small group setting taking turns one by one, but drumming together even with just a few children quickly gets tough.
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Debunking the claim that the Foreign Emoluments Clause doesn't cover Presidents

Several days ago, I wrote skeptically about the claim advanced by Seth Barrett Tillman and Joshua Blackman that the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution doesn’t cover Presidents.   37 more words

Emoluments: A teaser

Should impeachment of Mr. Trump ever become a serious prospect, the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the constitution may be part of the conversation.  Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, in which the clause resides, reads as follows: 661 more words