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Tiny Golden Gate Bridge

Tiny Golden Gate Bridge (2016). I’m a big fan of tilt-shift photography. Here is my tilt-shift effort from Golden Gate Bridge. More tilt-shift example photos from here.

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Tilt Shift Technique

To use a tilt shift technique you need to have an image that is facing at least a 45 degree angle so that the angle is above the subject. 281 more words

Tilt and Shift

Surely I am not the only adult who really loves model villages? There is a model of Gibraltar from ages ago in the museum, but that is just an actual model. 74 more words


I'll be Home

Keep the door unlocked,

keep the windows clear,

I’ll be home by six o’clock my dear.

I’ve been working hard,

My back and legs are sore, 111 more words


Tiny Alcatraz

Tiny Alcatraz (2016). I just love tilt-shift photography. I made this with tilt-shift tool in Photoshop. Original photo is a long exposure (8 Sec). Check also… 9 more words

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Viewing from Centennial Reserve

We visited the Centennial Reserve in Maupia, I took this photos of Maupia and Miramar suburbs in Wellington. 12 more words