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Three Growling Rottweilers Approached This Frightened Woman In The Street. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened next.

The incident threatened to spill over into a heartwarming viral video where your expectations about a stereotypically frightening incident are subverted. 235 more words

The UnAustralian

The Semantic Tag-olution: When a fire starts to burn

Fuck I love words. How great are words. I carry a personal dictionary around with me. It’s an address book, but I use the letter tabs my own way dammit. 728 more words

Reddit Revolt: 'AMA' Moderator Sacked the Day After a Disastrous Jesse Jackson Q&A

Reddit is in Meltdown

Allum Bokhara writes: The hugely popular link-sharing site is in a state of virtual lockdown after the volunteers who run some of the site’s biggest communities (known as “subreddits”) went on the digital equivalent of a general strike. 484 more words


Open Data as a Growth Factor

If you’re ever asked to define open data, these videos may help. I doubt you can find a more enthusiastic voice on the topic than that of… 111 more words

Open Data

Weekly Accountability - 6/22/15

“We can’t blame the technology when we make mistakes.” – Tim Berners-Lee

For my wedding anniversary, my wife bought me something that is, ostensibly, supposed to help me with losing weight. 241 more words


Two Years Ago This Week, NSA Contractor Edward Snowden Gave Big Brother a Black Eye

Two years ago this week, Edward Snowden dropped the proverbial bomb on the National Security Agency.

The former contract infrastructure analyst for the NSA, former system administrator for the CIA, former counterintelligence trainer for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency… 625 more words


Waiting for the younger minds

Keith Hudson

The reason why the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ policy of George Osborne, the British Chancellor, won’t work, but Scottish Independence might — repeat might — is that power is being given to Manchester and the other large northern cities by London politicians . 1,177 more words