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2016: The year hacking became serious business

You might think of the internet as a series of walled gardens, surrounded by wild jungle.

“You can make the walled garden very, very, sweet,” as Tim Berners-Lee… 273 more words

Should we save Web we have? Ketabkhan. Iran

The Web We Have to Save

Controlled and monitored space of social media?

A good read.

Seven months ago, I sat down at the small table in the kitchen of my 1960s apartment, nestled on the top floor of a building in a vibrant… 3,463 more words


Linked Data and how it relates to LIS

Welcome Back!  In my last post, “Demystifying Metadata” I introduced the basics of metadata covering the history, usage, various types and extent to which it is analysed today. 975 more words


mirror, mirror

mirror mirror on the wall:
who is monitoring my calls,
my emails and my fb wall?

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Author’s Note:

On 12 November 1990, the World Wide Web was formally proposed as a project called “WorldWideWeb”[1] by its acknowledged inventor, Tim Berners-Lee[2], with the help of his colleague, Robert Cailliau[3], at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)[4]. 525 more words


What is the Internet [Brief Summary]

For as long as I’ve been alive the Internet has existed, actually, exactly 29 years prior in 1969 when ARPANET was established. ARPANET was created by the U.S. 44 more words

Chapter Bubbles

McCullin, A Magazine, And Me

25 years ago I was a features editor for a magazine group in the West Country. Devon Life, Cornish Life, and Somerset & Avon Life were quality perfect bound regional magazines for the well heeled; that is until my employee Malcolm Davis of Today Publications acquired them from the previous struggling owner. 1,070 more words