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What is the Internet [Brief Summary]

For as long as I’ve been alive the Internet has existed, actually, exactly 29 years prior in 1969 when ARPANET was established. ARPANET was created by the U.S. 44 more words

Chapter Bubbles

McCullin, A Magazine, And Me

25 years ago I was a features editor for a magazine group in the West Country. Devon Life, Cornish Life, and Somerset & Avon Life were quality perfect bound regional magazines for the well heeled; that is until my employee Malcolm Davis of Today Publications acquired them from the previous struggling owner. 1,069 more words

Analogue Photography

Click Away Thanks to W3C and Tim Berners-Lee

Well maybe Tim Berners-Lee really did invent the Internet after all. Sorry Al Gore, but it looks like Mr. Beeners-Lee may become the most famous and richest early Internet pioneer. 223 more words


Everything you know is wrong

As a boy I used to have stupid thoughts like: “Does everyone see colour the same?”
or “Do dogs dream?”. Now I still think about man’s narcissistic relationship with artificial intelligence, if ‘Tie me kangaroo down sport’ was really about the stifling commitment in a belligerently dysfunctional relationship or what sort of lifestyle do Waitrose really think I have if this bag is for my life? 1,084 more words

In a Data-state-of-mind

The human mind is a beautiful thing. Every day, we are able to analyse and process a huge amount of data. As modern-day technology and the digital world evolved, so did journalism – hence “data-driven journalism”. 491 more words

The Cyber Frontier

“The Cyber Frontier” is the final chapter of the “Cyber Effect,”an important book by Mary Aiken, Ph.D., a cyberpsychologist.   She writes, “If we think of cyberspace as a continuum, on the far left we have the idealists, the keyboard warriors, the early adopters, philosophers who feel passionately about the freedom of the Internet and don’t want that marred or weighted down with regulation and governance.  568 more words

Transactive Memory