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Mark Zuckerberg, over 2U!

More and more frequently I am finding myself falling into the Facebook trap of liking (their word not mine) links to the support of people with disabilities and I sometimes even get channelled over to signing online petitions. 526 more words

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HTML Concepts


HTML Stands for  H-Hyper: Refers to Hyper Link , T-Text: The Hyper Link in form of Text,  M-Markup: A set of Tags assigned to elements of a text, L-Language: Language is used to create documents on World Wide Web. 48 more words


Are rules incompatible with the web? Let’s hope not: A response to Tim Wu

According to Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing, Tim Wu has written an open letter to W3C Chairman Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, expressing concern about a proposal to include Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) as part of the W3C standards. 1,502 more words


A big day for the World Wide Web...

And, by extension, virtually everything else on the planet!

The WWW may have been invented at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, but that wouldn’t have meant much to the rest of us, not until April of 1993. 197 more words

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Inventor Of World Wide Web: Gutting Net Neutrality Would Lets ISPs "Pick Winners And Losers"

Earlier today, FCC Chair Ajit Pai revealed his plan to scuttle existing regulations for internet service providers and replace them with promises from the industry that they won’t do anything bad. 600 more words

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Can Democracy Survive the Internet?

The title of this post is part of the title of a column by Dan Balz in the 23 April 2017 issue of the Washington Post.  485 more words

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Even a Web Founder Worries about Today’s Connected World Climate

Can a world wide web creator be a doubter about what he helped to create?

I’ve just finished reading The Innovators by Walter Isaacson, a book that highlights the many people who helped create, step-by-step, the digital world where we now reside. 321 more words

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