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Generally speaking, giant monster movies aren’t all that scary. They tend to be about the spectacle of skyscraper-sized kaiju stomping their way through some Asian or American city, causing enormous collateral damage as they either destroy the military or duke it out with some other monster. 951 more words


The Institute (2017) izle

The Institute (2017) izle
Hikayemiz anne ve babasının zamansız ölümüyle sarsılan bir kızın kendisinin gönüllü olarak Rosewood Akıl Hastanesi’ ne yatmasıyla başlıyor.Sıradan…
Yönetmen: James Franco Pamela Romanowsky… 12 more words

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Colossal - an oddball of a monster movie

How to describe Colossal, the 2016 offering from writer and director Nacho Vigolondo? It’s an oddity of a movie:  it’s got a small cast, a limited scope, relatively few special effects, and yet with all that, it’s still about a giant monster knocking down buildings in South Korea. 498 more words



Addiction can be destructive, to ourselves and those around us – but in Colossal, a young New Yorker’s drinking problem has far more cataclysmic repercussions when it manifests as a rampaging mythological Godzilla-like monster on the other side of the planet.
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Seoul is the New Tokyo - Colossal (2016)

Getting creative.  So this is about an out-of-work writer (Anne Hathaway) who moves from New York City to her small town home where she grew up.  465 more words


The Astronaut Farmer


Dismissed from NASA’s space program, former astronaut-in-training Charles Farmer pursues his lifelong dream by building his own rocket. On the eve of his launch, he must battle foreclosure on his ranch, a small-town community of disbelievers, the FAA and FBI agents who want to shut him down in the name of Homeland Security–but he remains determined to reach his goal and instill in his children the courage to pursue their own dreams, no matter the odds. 323 more words

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"The Confirmation" Movie Review

The Confirmation

Directed by Bob Nelson

Starring: Clive Owen, Jaeden Lieberher, Maria Bello, Robert Forster, Tim Blake Nelson, Patton Oswalt, Matthew Modine

This is another movie that I decided to watch because of Jaeden Lieberher and it does not disappoint. 325 more words

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