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Ross, Rachel, and Her Dirty Butt

My honest to goodness hope in life is that I can pass on every one of my pet peeves to my kids. That should be the goal for every parent I believe. 355 more words

Tim Braun

Humuid Today? Sleeves? Help!

It’s rare in today’s world that blog material is literally thrown at you on a daily basis. I don’t have to work at it, I don’t have to struggle with writer’s block, and I certainly don’t have to put much thought into it. 523 more words

Tim Braun

A Graduate.

Last evening I watched the last of our children walk across the High School stage to get their diploma. My son, who graduated, is very much like me in many ways – handsome, intelligent, and insanely perceptive as to the ways of the world, just to name a few. 508 more words

Tim Braun

Shift Your Paradigm Through A Hard Copy

You’re going to finish reading this blog and think to yourself “Well, I didn’t really learn anything in THAT five minutes…” That will put the below firmly into the same category as every mini-goat video you watch today, or any story about Donald Trump being a complete buffoon that you may read in the future. 464 more words

Tim Braun

In Search of a New Relationship

I had my first date in a long time yesterday. It was obviously a nerve-wracking experience that I don’t wish upon anyone. What do I wear? 601 more words

Tim Braun

Snack Bag Users of the World Unite!

When you Google the buzzwords “Portion Control” you get a myriad of cooking, health and weight watching websites all bantering on about secrets to portion control and simple methods to ensure proper portion control. 581 more words

Tim Braun

Autotrader: A Guy And A Girl Looking For Cars Find Each Other At A Concert

Another commercial showing young people driving to a concert. Are you willing to suspend your disbelief that they’d both be on Autotrader at the same time? 42 more words