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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

Welcome to the last blog of 2016. Of course what else could it be about but a snarky comment on a stupid sign? Today we bring you to that brick and mortar edifice that displays all of America’s finest characteristics to the rest of the Free World – Walmart. 363 more words

Tim Braun

The Incident at the Mall: The Ultimate Quiz

In the true spirit of giving during these troubled times, I have come to you much as a shining white knight on a dapple-gray horse. I am bringing to you today a quiz. 439 more words

Tim Braun

Debbie Does Popcorn

In what seems like an eternity ago, but in reality was just a malformed, misshapen mass of gooey election crap ago, I dutifully reported on the attempts of a co-worker here ‘at the plant’ to poison us with her evil ways. 222 more words

Tim Braun

The Thankfulliest Thanksgiving Message EVER

There are two factors contributing to this blog today.

  • I’m really, really tired – like falling off the chair because my legs won’t hold me up tired.
  • 667 more words
Tim Braun

THE Most Annoying Email EVER - until the next one....

I see hundreds of emails per day – mostly innocuous requests or questions that require very little effort to comprehend, reply to, or digest. However, there are some emails that stick out like a brown Bigfoot on a snow-covered mountain. 359 more words

Tim Braun

The Joy of A Golden Flaky Crust

This is going to be a short but important post. I have discovered (not that it was lost, I guess) the veritable nectar of the Gods. 394 more words

Tim Braun

The Struggle to Add/Remove CR

I haven’t written much lately, because frankly I’ve had very few brilliant thoughts that I felt were worthy enough to be shared with you. I’ve had thoughts of course but on a scale of one brilliant to 10 brilliants they would be at about a 1.2. 379 more words

Tim Braun