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Shift Your Paradigm Through A Hard Copy

You’re going to finish reading this blog and think to yourself “Well, I didn’t really learn anything in THAT five minutes…” That will put the below firmly into the same category as every mini-goat video you watch today, or any story about Donald Trump being a complete buffoon that you may read in the future. 464 more words

Tim Braun

In Search of a New Relationship

I had my first date in a long time yesterday. It was obviously a nerve-wracking experience that I don’t wish upon anyone. What do I wear? 601 more words

Tim Braun

Snack Bag Users of the World Unite!

When you Google the buzzwords “Portion Control” you get a myriad of cooking, health and weight watching websites all bantering on about secrets to portion control and simple methods to ensure proper portion control. 581 more words

Tim Braun

Autotrader: A Guy And A Girl Looking For Cars Find Each Other At A Concert

Another commercial showing young people driving to a concert. Are you willing to suspend your disbelief that they’d both be on Autotrader at the same time? 42 more words

Ode to a Caramelized Honey Latte (It's the CLIMMMMMMBBBBBBBB.....)

Here I am – a precocious, intelligent, fine-looking young lad, sitting with my parents and my brother over dinner at our very classy “Sambo’s” restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 760 more words

Tim Braun

The Delta Airlines - Apple TV WordPress Blog

Random thoughts and concerns pop into my head with alarming consistency. Instead of going on and on about one of these thoughts and boring the crap out of the reader, I am gathering several of these seemingly random nuggets and gathering them into a virtual potpourri of goodness centering on one subject. 656 more words

Tim Braun

Goodbye and Thanks For All the Ice!

I had the loveliest of encounters with someone here at the office the other day. That is so rare in these turbulent times we face that it deserves platitudes in of itself, but this one was extra special. 897 more words

Tim Braun