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Fried. Frozen. Breaded. Veal. Patties.

Growing up in a quiet house in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the 70’s I was blessed to be ‘presented’ with all sorts of Midwestern comfort foods. 478 more words

Tim Braun

An Addiction to Pointless Twaddle

Three facts about me:

  1. I talk out of both sides of my mouth
  2. I’m addicted to trashy TV
  3. I’m not proud of 1 and 2…
  4. 332 more words
Tim Braun

Free WIFI Passwords Here!

In my current role as an “IT Professional” I am lucky enough to be a recipient of multiple emails daily about companies trying to sell their various “IT” services. 354 more words

Tim Braun

Ross, Rachel, and Her Dirty Butt

My honest to goodness hope in life is that I can pass on every one of my pet peeves to my kids. That should be the goal for every parent I believe. 355 more words

Tim Braun

Humuid Today? Sleeves? Help!

It’s rare in today’s world that blog material is literally thrown at you on a daily basis. I don’t have to work at it, I don’t have to struggle with writer’s block, and I certainly don’t have to put much thought into it. 523 more words

Tim Braun

A Graduate.

Last evening I watched the last of our children walk across the High School stage to get their diploma. My son, who graduated, is very much like me in many ways – handsome, intelligent, and insanely perceptive as to the ways of the world, just to name a few. 508 more words

Tim Braun

Shift Your Paradigm Through A Hard Copy

You’re going to finish reading this blog and think to yourself “Well, I didn’t really learn anything in THAT five minutes…” That will put the below firmly into the same category as every mini-goat video you watch today, or any story about Donald Trump being a complete buffoon that you may read in the future. 464 more words

Tim Braun