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Panic Slowly

The title says it all. We were at my daughter’s college graduation last weekend and the commencement speaker said that was one of the most important phrases he’s ever come across. 799 more words

Tim Braun

Fun With Vocab: Medieval Edition

There are not many blogs out here on the Wide World of Webs that will give you two great words for the price of one. BOGO, if you will. 495 more words

Tim Braun

Shutting Down the Birds

They never stop. Ever. I mean…..EVER.  JUST MAKE IT STOP!!!!!


Meet my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Marmaduke Dallas. For once I’m not making something up, he really is my Great times four Grandfather. 819 more words

Tim Braun

Fun With Email

Every once in a while all of the minor piddling bits of annoyingness swimming around in my brain find themselves bumping around with all of their little annoying friends and screaming for their freedom. 659 more words

Tim Braun

Checking Your Virtual Zipper

I love a good sign. More accurately I love a bad sign. The best type of bad signs are those that are just randomly put somewhere because someone had an opinion of what he/she (and therefore others) should be doing when approaching this particular sign access point. 540 more words

Tim Braun

On Tuffy, Cherries and Spring

I’ll admit that only approximately 0.0000153% of you reading this blog will know who Karl “Tuffy” Rhodes is (Jeff, Brad, David I’m looking at YOU). He is my eternal poster child of Spring optimism. 641 more words

Tim Braun

My Druthers and How it Relates to Pinocchio

Bear with me. You’ll have to read this entire blog to determine what my druthers have to do with Pinocchio – because obviously they aren’t directly related. 628 more words

Tim Braun