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TS4 - Tim Burton's Harry Potter

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Dark Shadows (2012)

A movie which falls flat even as it hints at what it could have been.

Eva Green is as always great even as she chews the hell out of the scenery and loves every second of it. 348 more words


Batman Returns turns 25: 25 things you may not know about the classic comic-book movie

It’s the Batman movie which surely gave future Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan an idea or two, signalled the end of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton’s ties with the franchise, and, thanks to Michelle Pfeiffer’s fiercely seductive performance, boasted the greatest ever on-screen Catwoman. 1,555 more words


TS4 - Tim Burton Rugs

Set of 8. Base game compatible. $50 in buy mode. DOWNLOAD


Soapbox: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman Returns

Believe it or not, Batman Returns has been out for 25 years. Tim Burton’s follow-up to his original Batman film pitted Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight against the dastardly schemes of the Penguin (Danny DeVito) and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), and was the third highest grossing film of 1992. 185 more words


Just because Jack Nicholson wears sunglasses inside, doesn't mean he's not a dork.

This thought occurred to me while watching Batman, that of the Tim Burton variety, for the first time. Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker is very famous, yet he’s got this ultra-freaky-cool-guy persona that’s followed him around for decades, since most of his characters fall into the ultra-freaky-cool-guy category. 435 more words