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Blurry Super Bowl 50 Picture Good Enough for Tim Cook

It’s been a tough year for Tim Cook. His company, Apple, is struggling to keep its reputation as innovative, the stock is down 30% in under a year and yet, the leader of the tech leader doesn’t seem to resonate with people the same way Steve Jobs did. 211 more words


Apple's iPhone Reality Distortion Field

”The iPhone has not only changed the definition of success for Apple, but has altered the perception required to properly sense reality,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon. 143 more words


Apple CEO Tim Cook already leads the most profitable company in history and holds meetings with powerful world leaders and heads of state, and now he can add to that list receiving several votes for President of the United States in yesterday’s New Hampshire primary. 211 more words

Tim Cook

Why Apple should not get too excited over India

”The time when Apple viewed India as too small and under-developed to bother with is over,” James Crabtree writes for the Financial Times. “Facing worries over a sales slowdown in China, Tim Cook, chief executive, sounded positively bubbly during January’s earnings call as he described the company’s Indian plans as ‘incredibly exciting.'” 227 more words


Apple CEO Tim Cook deletes his blurry Super Bowl 50 iPhone photo

”Tim Cook has deleted the Super Bowl picture that sent Twitter into a tizzy on Sunday night,” Chris Welch reports for The Verge.

“As the Denver Broncos celebrated their Super Bowl 50 victory, Apple’s CEO made his way onto the field and took a photo of all the excitement (and confetti),” Welch reports. 297 more words


Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets Flak For Blurry Photo

Apple CEO Tim Cook is getting some flak for a picture he tweeted Sunday. Cook took a picture of the confetti and celebrations on the field at Levi’s Stadium after the Denver Broncos won over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. 51 more words