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Skype is the latest advice apparatus to absolutely vanish from app food in China

Tumbleweeds are a-blowin’ through app food in China, as unmonitored and foreign-run advice accoutrement abide to vanish. The latest is Skype, which has been missing from Chinese app food — including Apple’s — for a month, according to the… 241 more words


5. Smart glasses?

Where are the smart glasses?

Let’s get straight to it; Google glasses were a good idea but from the wrong company, Google’s creepy peeping tom vibe is off putting, you can just see faces being tagged, privacy being invaded, weirdo’s filming ‘attractive’ women, conversations being recorded and idiots recording themselves assaulting people (think happy slap 2.0). 276 more words


Apple started working on HomePod in 2012, so why are they so late to the smart speaker market?

”Apple’s forthcoming HomePod won’t see the light of day until ‘early 2018,’ which will be nearly six years after the company started developing the smart speaker, and almost four years after Amazon.com released its first Echo in 2014,” Evan Niu writes for The Mptley Fool. 704 more words


Sonos speakers get smart with Amazon’s Alexa

The new Sonos One has Amazon Alexa built-in.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and David Pogue discuss the latest device.

I’m in love… Now they’ve built an Alexa into the Sonos. 584 more words


Why Apple’s HomePod is three years behind Amazon’s Echo

”Apple Inc. audio engineers had been working on an early version of the HomePod speaker for about two years in 2014 when they were blindsided by the Echo, a smart speaker from Amazon.com Inc. 1,093 more words


Under 'operations genius' Tim Cook, product delays and other problems are no longer unusual for Apple

”Christmas will be a little disappointing for some Apple fans. And the company’s holiday season slip-up may be another sign that its crown as the disciplined king of manufacturing is becoming tarnished,” Shira Ovide writes for Bloomberg. 817 more words


How a half-educated tech elite delivered us into chaos

“If our supersmart tech leaders knew a bit more about history or philosophy we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now”

19 November 2017 | 831 more words