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The Original Meme Was Cool, But Of Poor Quality...

…so I made my own:

My answer(s)? Legend and, of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

6-word story: Ode to It

I wrote two six-word stories inspired by It.

As a kid, I was a fan of the first TV-mini series with Tim Currie. Then I relished in the new movie featuring Bill Skarsgård. 75 more words

Six Words

5 Spooktacular Ways to Treat Yourself To Tricks...and Trick...Trick or Treat...5 Treatful Ways to Trick Yourself... Halloween

Halloween is almost around the corner. So, watch out. BOO! Haha. My son Addy loves that joke. He also loves spending time with me, especially around Halloween. 485 more words


IT (2017)

Title: IT Chapter One (aka. Foul-Mouthed Kids vs. the Big Bad)

Release: September 2017

What a nice boat. Do you want it back?”

360 more words
Dude, Where's My Movie Review

"Communism Was Just a Red Herring."

Sharpen up your tiny pencil and get ready to search for secret passages, because Clue is the Greatest Movie EVER!

Click on the movie poster or the title above to download our review of the film, featuring Katherin the Great. 42 more words

Greatest Movie EVER

IT (2017) VS. IT (1990)

So the 2017 is better, there I said it. But what are the pros and cons of each?

IT (2017)

PROS: follows the book WAY better than the original, comic relief that is actually funny (New Kids on the Block references), the acting is better than in the original (minus the lovely Tim Curry), good score (The Cure, anyone?), cinematography is good for a horror film, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie is the best thing ever, and Bill Skarsgard’s version of Pennywise is not too shabby! 167 more words

Stop Clowning Around and Go See IT Already

It can be hard being a single dad. Especially when you’re married. For weeks now, my five-year-old son Addison, who is terrible at math by the way. 692 more words