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13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Clue

I love the 1985 movie Clue. Now, Fox and Hasbro are working together on a remake. They probably shouldn’t be doing that. Here are some things you might not know about the original… 2,641 more words


The Reverence & Irreverence for Unicorns in Black Moon (1975) & Legend (1985)

When we were discussing August’s Movie of the Month, the surrealist fantasy art piece Black Moon, it was all too easy to pick on the film’s depiction of a plump & frumpy unicorn, since that’s not the image we typically associate the mythical beast with. 841 more words

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Win The Titanic on Blu-ray!

Thanks to our sponsors, 1 lucky reader will win a Blu-ray of The Titanic! You have multiple ways to enter! First, email Murraymakercontests@gmail.com with your favorite disaster movie. 241 more words


And Now They're Going to Remake 'Clue'

When Paramount released Clue back in 1985, they were a bit ahead of their time – these days, it seems like the key element for getting a movie green-lit is #brand #awareness, which is why we’ve got so many movies with… 261 more words


'IT (1990)' vs 'IT (2017)' Pennywise Comparison

I have to admit nothing will ever quite be like Tim Curry’s portrayal of the famous dancing clown but Bill Skarsgård does a decent job of trying to be his own slightly float-ier evil clown. 81 more words


'Clue' Is The Latest In A String Of Tim Curry Movies Being Rebooted

Remakes and reboots are the lifeblood of Hollywood. No summer blockbuster season would be complete without a handful of faithful, if underperforming, cinematic reimaginings. So it should come as no shock that a reworking of the cult classic board-game adaptation of… 232 more words

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

It’s Saturday again which means it’s time for another movie post and this time we’re going to be talking about a cult classic! Unlike the last two posts this is more of a throwback but it’s for a good reason (one of those reasons may be that I spent money on clothes rather than the cinema… Oops)! 860 more words