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Dick Grayson And Damian Wayne's Dynamic

So earlier this happened and Nightwing’s girlfriend got kidnappened. Damian Wayne tries to be his usual arrogant self, which doesn’t usually work on Grayson, but easily drops it at the sight of Grayson in pain. 101 more words


Batman: A Death in the Family Review (Spoilers)

When I checked this out at the library I already knew the highlight of the story from a documentary about comic books through the years on the History channel. 297 more words


On Legos and Batman

After two weeks as the reigning box office champ, it’s not outside of the realm of believability to call The Lego Batman movie a sizeable hit.  589 more words

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Tim Drake Works to Reclaim His Title as Best Robin Ever

Now that his stint in the Teen Titans is over, and even though he’s believed to be dead, Tim Drake is still taking steps to reclaim his title as the Best Robin Ever. 361 more words


SeppinRek Talk about Tim Drake

Hey everyone,

there is a new video out on SeppinRek today where I talk about Tim Drake.