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Detective 874 - Gordon and son

Snyder and Jock resolve the back-up story, dropped in the previous issue, in Detective 874 (April 2011).

The story picks up on Commissioner Gordon and James Jr in the restaurant, having their conversation.  141 more words

DC Comics

Detective 842 - the Suit of Sorrows

Peter Milligan joins Nguyen and Ridolfs for a story centring on the Suit of Sorrows, given to Batman by Talia, in Detective 842 (May 2008). 189 more words

DC Comics

Detective 838 - Batman's Choice

The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, a tedious and obvious story arc pushing its way through the Batman books over two months, has its third chapter in Detective 838 (Jan. 220 more words

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Detective 830 - Robin blowtorches himself

Moore and Clarke conclude their two-part story about the attack on Wayne Tower in Detective 830 (Late May 2007).

Robin has to use a blowtorch to remove the explosive goo from his uniform.  143 more words

DC Comics

Detective 829 - Wayne Tower under attack

Stuart Moore and Andy Clarke fill in for a two-part story, beginning in Detective 829 (Early May 2007).

Bruce Wayne is hosting an international anti-terrorism conference, which not everyone is happy about.  124 more words

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I'm a woman with needs, Comic needs.

(Thanks to my friend for this title, I wanted something a little witty)

I mentioned ages ago that I was going to make a separate post for the comics aspect part in my life. 1,496 more words


The New Year's 52: The Robins

In the course of talking to comic creators this year, I started to think about their unique talents and what I think they would be best suited to. 1,549 more words