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Thwip! Reviews - Detective Comics #936

I think I am just going to come right out and say it, Detective Comics is THE DC series to beat right now.  Not only does it have Batman, but the entire Bat-crew is compelling with everyone getting enough screentime to put their mark in the story. 153 more words




Something tells me that Dick wasn’t quite expecting to hear that…

“So Timmy how’s school goin- oh fuck”


Check “Spotteddick37″. Transferring Data your way, Red. It’s a big file

I Hate This Double-R Thing So Much!

Red Robin is due to get a costume change in DC Rebirth. I’m cool with that. His New 52 costume is fine, I suppose. It’s neat, though it’s overly complicated. 125 more words



I’m rewatching the Batman Animated Series. 

Behold the cutie-pie birbs!

32 more words

Adopting Robins (And Batgirls)

There’s a running joke on the internet about Bruce Wayne just uncontrollably adopting children, and, honestly it’s not that far off. Out of every superhero in DC’s arsenal, Batman’s propensity to take kids under his wing is pretty well established. 1,274 more words