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Red Robin Takes On A Drone Fleet

Tim Drake’s always been touted as the smartest in the Bat family. But his intelligence has always been featured as computer and hacking related. This sequence has me hyped up for the next issue. 20 more words


Thwip! Reviews - Detective Comics #939

Summary:  Batman and team have a few issues, especially Batwoman, who feels that she needs to remind Bats that he needs to rely on her.  Unfortunately, there is no time to sit around and hash out the family issues when Kate’s father is breathing down his neck and he still has one more misguided plan to enact.  229 more words


The New 52: Future's End, 31&32

I still intend to write about my introduction to DC Comics and superheroes in general, but I have a lot of thoughts so it’ll take time. 1,210 more words

DC Comics Fan: What I Want To Do...

On this blog I intend to follow and review DC Comics in all its mediums. I am a lifelong DC Comics fan and I’ve always felt I should start a blog to record my lifelong passion and enthusiasm for this fictional universe. 240 more words

Red Robin's First Meeting With Ulysses Armstrong (Rebirth)

Ulysses Armstrong meets his rival, Red Robin. It’s now confirmed he goes by The General in this latest iteration of his character.

From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #938


Blog Tour Opportunity - Free Book! Don't Miss Out!

How would you like to get your hands on a free copy of Generation Cherry? Free Book and Review Opportunity from Red Door Publishing! One of the perks of being a self-published Author is that I get Authors and Publishers approaching me to help with their book promotion! 59 more words


Batwoman Chooses Batman Over Her Father

Batman’s identity is the worst kept secret ever.

From – Detective Comics Vol. 1 #937