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Robin: Violent Tendencies

The cover of this trade gives away a pretty big (please forgive me) spoiler regarding the main storyline here. Obviously, Spoiler (or someone donning her costume, as Stephanie Brown is supposed to be dead) reappears in Gotham, throwing Tim Drake for a whirl as he angrily tries to hunt down this imposter. 653 more words

DC Universe


The fact that Ryan Potter, Teresa Ting and Elle Fanning have all expressed an interest (in a sort of ‘oooo ooooh pick me pick me’ kinda way) in being one of the batkids has made me want to grab Ben and go ‘look.

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Tim: I’m going to succeed, or die crying.

Dick: Pretty sure it’s ‘die trying’.

Tim: Not the way I do it.


Reasons to be happy today:

  • Bruce’s office at Wayne Enterprises is probably full of framed pictures of his kids, but every time somebody tries to use them as a conversation starter, it backfires wildly.
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As sad as I am about my precious baby Damian growing up, something occurred to me recently.

Damian’s voice has to change at some point.

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Tim drinks his coffee with a splash of milk and just a bit of honey. Except when he’s pulling all nighters and starts guzzling black coffee like it’s water.