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Sunday Sketch #26

Variations on a Robin suit.

~Double-Reeded Warrior



Line: The New Batman Adventures

Series: Boxed Set

Scale: 5 inch

Height: 5 inches

Comments: none


Things Red Robin Doesn’t Show You: Tim Drake kicking open his apartment door and ripping off his dress shirt and tie while screaming “FREEEEDDDOOOM” to an empty room.

Fic- Some Things Never Change

Characters- Tim Drake, Ariana Dzerchenko

Warnings- Street Harassment

Summary- (Post Red Robin) On his way out the door, the last thing Tim thought he would ever see again was her. 1,105 more words

Detective 874 - Gordon and son

Snyder and Jock resolve the back-up story, dropped in the previous issue, in Detective 874 (April 2011).

The story picks up on Commissioner Gordon and James Jr in the restaurant, having their conversation.  141 more words

DC Comics

Detective 842 - the Suit of Sorrows

Peter Milligan joins Nguyen and Ridolfs for a story centring on the Suit of Sorrows, given to Batman by Talia, in Detective 842 (May 2008). 189 more words

DC Comics

Detective 838 - Batman's Choice

The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul, a tedious and obvious story arc pushing its way through the Batman books over two months, has its third chapter in Detective 838 (Jan. 220 more words

DC Comics