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"Yesterday's" Comic> The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #4

The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #4

DC Comics (April, 1998)

“As The Twig Is Bent”

WRITER: Hilary Bader

PENCILER: Bo Hampton

INKER: Terry Beatty… 534 more words

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Friday Night Fights: Back Alley Play

We’ve heard so much lately about inner city kids doing bad things. So for this week’s fight let’s see a kid positively inspired by a superhero to stop bad guys. 245 more words

Television Spotlight

A History Of The Robins And Their Importance To Batman

In the history of comics, Batman is one of the most enduring characters. Grim, dedicated and incorruptible, The Dark Knight wages a tireless war on crime. 934 more words


COMICS: Tim Drake Will Be Rebirthed in Detective Comics #SDCC2017

Tim Drake, the third Boy Wonder who has both incredible fighting ability and an intelligence that’s on par with that of Batman.

Well, fans of Tim Drake have been desperately calling for the character to make his inevitable appearance in Rebirth and now, through the DC Rebirth panel (and through solicitations last month), we know that he’ll be kicking ass and taking names in Detective Comics #965 A.K.A “A Lonely Place of Living” whose synopsis reads: 103 more words


Top 5 Sidekicks (aka: Happy Birthday Dr. Watson!)

According to Goodreads, today is Dr. Watson’s birthday! In order to celebrate, they have posted a list of their 14 Favorite Sidekicks. While their list is totally awesome, they didn’t include a few that I might have picked, so I’m making my own list! 528 more words

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