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"Yesterday's" Comic> Robin #0

Robin #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“Brothers In Arms”

WRITER: Chuck Dixon

PENCILER: Tom Grummett

INKER: Ray Kryssing

COLORIST: Adrienne Roy

LETTERER: Albert DeGuzman

LIFELINE(?): Jordon B. 387 more words

Yesterday's Comics

Who Should Play Tim Drake?

Tim Drake is probably one of my favourite Robins. He’s incredibly smart and even though he’s not as great of an acrobat as Dick Grayson or as brutal as Jason Todd, he suited to role of Robin incredibly well. 785 more words


Batgirl: Crisis of Infinite Batgirls

Fighting a time traveling villain out to destroy all Batgirls in existence, Stephanie Brown has to team up with Cassandra and Barbara of the past to save the world.

24,547 more words

Nightwing Hallucinates About The Robins

Dick Grayson’s been poisoned by Deathwing and he’s hallucinating. I can’t make sense of what this is…. alternate future versions of all the Robins? Obviously Nightwing’s the first on the left side, Jason Todd is the first on the right, Tim Drake is the one with the red cape because of the letter “T” on the belt, then Damian Wayne is the Robin on the farthest.

From – Nightwing Vol. 3 #17


Dutch Comic Con 2017

Saw a Robin artist attending Dutch Comic Con 2017 this weekend so I had to go to get a drawing from him! At first I was only interested in a commission since I wasn’t sure if he was gonna sell any Robin/Tim work but instead I found a page from Countdown that he was selling!!! 22 more words


Nightwing: Heir Apparent

A solo classic Nightwing tale with guest appearances by Tim Drake as Robin and the Batman. Dick Grayson is in England where he becomes the target of a fanatical group looking for the ultimate sacrificial victim.

18,061 more words

Dick Grayson And Damian Wayne's Dynamic

So earlier this happened and Nightwing’s girlfriend got kidnappened. Damian Wayne tries to be his usual arrogant self, which doesn’t usually work on Grayson, but easily drops it at the sight of Grayson in pain. 101 more words