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Manu Ginobili seems to indicate that if Tim Duncan returns to Spurs, he will too

Immediately after the Spurs were eliminated from the postseason in seven games by the Clippers, questions arose about the future of the franchise.

Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili are both… 546 more words

San Antonio Spurs

The Game 7 Energy Drink

For boxing fans in the UK Saturday night posed a big question: stay up all night? Or go to bed and get up at 4am for the fight. 982 more words


Report: Gregg Popovich reportedly makes about $11 million per year

Asked whether he, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili would return next season, Greg Popovich said, “We’ll probably come back. Paycheck is pretty good.” When that was met with laughter, Popovich said, “You think I’m lying?” 272 more words

San Antonio Spurs

Duncan's historic legacy leaves mark on NBA

By Jayson Moyer

There were eight seconds to go in one of the best game sevens in NBA playoff history and in arguably one of the best series in NBA playoff history, and the ageless wonder stepped to the line with his team trailing by two against the Clippers. 711 more words


Through the Pain, Spurs Fans Look to Next Year

Well, as you can probably figure, I’m still feeling the pain from Saturday’s loss. It stinks driving around town and seeing the “Go Spurs Go” banners because all I can think is, … 361 more words

That Game 7 Win

Screaming, screaming and more screaming.

I graduated Saturday morning, went to a very long lunch afterwards and when I got the chance to return to my apartment, I flipped on the Clipper game. 192 more words


Clippers vs. Spurs, Manny vs. Money, and the NFL Draft vs. Attention Spans

Derek: “Stop writing about wrestling! No one cares! Why don’t you write about the NBA? Or the NHL? Or do NFL Draft stuff?”

Hey, shut up, you! 2,697 more words