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If you're a hammer—look for nails (Just like Warren Buffett and The Karate Kid)

I think the American psychologist Maslow said if your only tool is a hammer you view every problem as a nail. And I would flip that and say that the geniuses have very limited toolsets—

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I just had lunch with a Facebook engineer and we were debating “network effects“. He was a super smart guy with an amazing notebook. 922 more words


Wk1: Learn More In 10 Minutes Than You Would All Week


The formula:

High Quality Work produced = (time spent) x (intensity of focus)

I came across this after reading this article discussing Cal Newports book ‘Deep Work’. 933 more words


Go in the Opposite Direction to Unlock Change

Tim Ferriss has a list of 17 questions in Tools of Titans he uses to Test the Impossible. I am going to explore one a week. 1,186 more words

Tools Of Titans

Get Lit with Kit #2

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting over the past week. Here are some of the things that have influenced my thinking and helped me consider the type of person I want to be over the next year… 213 more words

Get Lit With Kit

How to Challenge Your Mental Limitations and Unlock Doors

“Take a temporary break from pursuing goals to find the knots in the garden hose that, once removed, will make everything else better and easier.” -Tim Ferriss, Tools of Titans. 

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Tools Of Titans