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Why Should I Read | Ego is the Enemy

“Our greatest internal obstacle is our ego.” -Ryan Holiday

Ego: an unhealthy feeling of one’s own importance, arrogance.

Ryan Holiday, #1 bestselling author, writes on the topic of ego to address our addiction to the drug-like effects of buying into our own awesomeness.

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#WCUS First Day Rewind

So today was my very first day actually volunteering for the WordCamp US conference here in sunny freezing, Philadelphia. The day started off a little hectic as my cab driver dropped me off on the wrong side of Independence Hall. 348 more words

Automattic Journey

NaNoWriMo Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I won the 50k part on the 14th. I won the 100k hopefully later today. I’m 1,913 words out from hitting it. Should be easy… supposing I figure out what project I want to work on next. 413 more words


Thanksgiving Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving all! One of the best things we can do is be grateful, it changes our disposition towards life and each other. We are a happier people when we are thankful for even the smallest and simplest things, like a breeze that you felt that day. 56 more words

South America

BJJ & Judo Black Belt Dave Camarillo on The Tim Ferriss Show

Below is a Video of Tim Ferriss getting thrown on his head by judo competitor and UFC trainer, Dave Camarillo

Tim Ferriss

What goes in? What comes out?

When I was a little girl, LIFE FELT HARD.  I’m not going into the who, what, or why life felt hard, but just trust me, it did.   1,248 more words

That Which Gets Measured, Gets Managed

11/22/16 Cool viking hat and boots

11/22/16 going bulletproof 6 weeks

11/22/16 no expectations, only curiosity

11/22/16 excuse the mess

Ok, first off, ya’ll are a bunch of pervs! 1,139 more words

Spirit, Soul, Heart