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Be Excellent

“To learn from the best, you don’t need to meet them, you just need to absorb them. This can be through books, audio, or single powerful quote.” 818 more words


Why Not Compulsively Checking Emails is so Hard

I’ve started a new routine of not checking emails as they come in. I used to pride myself on responding to emails with lightning speed. I’d often think about how impressed everyone was that I responded so quickly to their emails. 883 more words

The Study Of Great

Gabby Reece: Practice "going first"

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole. (from TV series Justified)”

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Mini Bio Tuesday: Tim Ferriss

Hi there, Readers!

Welcome to the latest Mini Bio post! First of all, hopefully this name sounds familiar? If you’re interested in entrepreneurship or self-help books, then you may have come across the name… 213 more words

Mini Bios

Success Starts With failure

You will fall. And when you fall, the winner always gets up, and the loser stays down.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Wins from the last month.

  1. I made the deans list!
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As We Practice Living Outside Our Comfort Zones...

I found this interview with Tim Ferriss to be excellent in addressing the fears we may face as we move outside our comfort zones52 more words

Life Style

What Do You Bring?

I’ve been reading “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss this past week and getting so much from it! If your “to -read” list is getting short and you aren’t sure where to go next, I highly recommend this book. 345 more words