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Flip-flop - Changing my mind about allowance

I was listening to a Tim Ferriss Show interview with Pete Adeney aka Mr. Money Mustache – and he shared that he (1) doesn’t give his son an allowance – he doesn’t want him to think that money comes from out of nowhere; (2) pays him for riding his bike – an incentive to get fresh air and exercise; and (3) created a “Bank of Dad” – where he gives his son interest for money that is saved versus spent. 519 more words

One week. 20 podcasts. One book.

Oh my gosh….my current obsession, yes it’s an obsession, is the innovative and inspirational blogger (and angel investor) Tim Ferriss.

I can’t get enough of this man’s creative output, experiments and questions.   493 more words



I’ve been listening to a lot of episodes of The Tim Ferriss Show lately. I especially enjoyed Ferriss’ interview with Derek Sivers. I started marketing music through CD Baby in 2007. 188 more words


Take a guess. It's good for you. 

I’m listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss interviewing Jane McGonical – who says that she enjoys watching games she knows how to play, and predicting who wins. 170 more words

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and I did not learn Burmese. I picked up a few new words from my wife, but I’m far from ordering Mohinga and making small talk with the waiter.

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Asking the dumb questions

Whether we’re in work environments or personal ones, almost all of us go out of our way to avoid looking dumb. We don’t want to give the wrong answers, or ask stupid questions, or in any way act like we’re slow learners. 47 more words


Fear-rehearsal: Train Yourself to Withstand Anything

Fear is a perception relative to one’s confidence that everything will be okay.

On one end of the spectrum are Phobias, while daredevils exist on the opposite side. 1,804 more words

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