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Forced to Quit Her Job When Pregnant, She Reinvented Herself in a New Career

Young, married and successful. Bhavini Mehta thought she had it all sorted but the world economy had other plans. Born in Kanpur but brought up in Raipur, Rajkot and Ahmedabad, Bhavini had completed her MBA from Ahmedabad and was a high-flying corporate employee with a private bank when the economic slowdown hit worldwide markets in 2008. 330 more words


The Keto-Adventure - The keto-beginning

It was August 8th 2017 when I took my before picture.  I was not overweight by any means but I was over my life.  I had turned forty this year and was gaining weight and gaining a new appreciation for laziness.  918 more words

Neil Strauss

“The biggest mistake you can make is to accept the norms of your time”

Edit in this order:

1. For yourself

2. Your Fans

3. Your Haters… 71 more words

4 Hour Work Week

Must we always settle in love? Insights from Esther Perel

With age and maturity, there is a tendency to grow disillusioned in life and love. We find ourselves waxing increasingly rational in matters of the heart, a place where the often contradictory realms of realism and fantasy must coexist. 600 more words

I'm Changing the World, by Helping You.

I’ve loved video gaming for quite some time and while I don’t plan on leaving the beautiful digital wonderlands I’ve enjoyed over the years forever, I think it’s time to take a bit of a break. 392 more words

Towards Competence, Part Two

I’m still in an existential torpor after seeing Blade Runner 2049. Not because of the issues it raises about the self and being, or about the individual in a collective or the place of work in one’s existence or even the ethics of giving Jared Leto ANOTHER role where he can method-act all up in everyone’s face. 776 more words


Fake Confit Bittman Chinese Chicken with Bok Choy

I’ve always admired Bok Choy and whenever we’ve tried it has been an absolute disaster.

This dish was good, and again, surprisingly easy for an asian dish and didn’t involve all the danger and oil of a wok. 91 more words