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Learning Piano (Day 89): "Haste Makes Waste"

I did in one month what most would take one day to do. I wanted to be a prodigy…what a step backward.

In March, I reflected on and refined my learning process. 697 more words

Benjamin Franklin

One move ahead: The talks of Session 1 of TED2017

TED2017 begins with a manifesto: “We will not sleepwalk into a future of dread. Instead we will pursue: courage, deep human connection, imagination, thrilling possibility, understanding. 1,487 more words


Achieve Goals by Learning From a Procrastinator.

Most of the effort we put into our goals is useless. The greater part of our gains come from a few discrete, high-yield efforts. What if you decided to only do the high-yield stuff? 2,090 more words


QOTW: w/c 24 April 2017

“Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” – Tim Ferriss


Writing and Living Tips Compiled Through April 2017

Notes From My Travels:

• Author Tim Ferriss says to lower your pass / failure threshold to a level you can accomplish every day. If you set your goals unreasonably high, like writing five pages per day, you’re not going to hit it on a consistent basis and you’re going to be discouraged by the outcome, whereas something like two shitty pages per day will encourage you to go on (or I think Kurt Vonnegut wrote five-hundred words per day). 945 more words


Surrender to your own mediocrity

This is amazing advice I got from listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast interview with author and super-creative, Cheryl Strayed.

When you accept that you’re not perfect and neither are your contributions to the world, it will instill the humility you need to get help, to stay curious, to desire more knowledge, to gain more perspective, to be grateful when you win, and to accept failure as a necessary ingredient to progress. 68 more words

Fasting Post Pig-Out Session

Having a holiday feast is fine and doesn’t have to end your diet goals or send you careening off the rails for weeks. I am taking the next day to fast back to ketosis as quickly as possible and get back on track. 447 more words