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suffering terminal indecision

I’ve always let my feeling flow

like water from the tap

running hot and cold

but it’s only myself I con

It’s safer to do nothing, with so much going on…… 124 more words



Get some colour – and music – in your life

By Jessica Cornish

The other night I attended the opening night of Ladies in Black… 478 more words

Whats On

Separating death stars from real stars

Stars as visions

The major arcana tarot card Star is assigned to the constellation of Aquarius. The Star is about visions, trust and hope. These are great things, because visions and hope are longterm plans which give you directions and the strength to continue when things get difficult. 804 more words


An Interview with the creatives from Ladies in Black

Here is part two of the group interviews with director, Simon Phillips and Music/Lyricist, Tim Finn.

What: Ladies in Black media call
Where: Regent Theatre, Melbourne… 2,325 more words


Watching Crowded House.

Last Saturday night, Crowded House performed live on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Unfortunately, we missed it, but the concert was televised ABC TV on Sunday night and we were all parked in front of the TV reminiscing with Neil Finn and the band. 629 more words


My Finn-tastic Sunday Night!

Last night my dude & I made the trek up to The Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers to see one of my favourite musicians; the ‘silver fox’ all silver foxes aspire to be- Mr… 433 more words

Fraction too much friction


Sand gets in everywhere

Wearing down the moments

Rubbing away at emotions ‘till

They’re uncomfortably raw

Sand buries secrets

Obliterates kings

Wore poor Ozymandias… 43 more words