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At the End of the Day

Being a short treatise on mediocrity – whence it came and how it happens

“The flexibility that I mentioned applies to the commitments undertaken by the parties regarding what will contribute to the goal of the effort,” said mathematical genius and tanning salon addict Christine Lagarde on the subject of Greek debt yesterday. 1,766 more words

At The End Of The Day

ECONOMIC POLITICS TODAY: "We've no idea what to do, but the other lot are even worse"

Mario Draghi told the world’s media this afternoon that he has a “vast array of instruments”  to control market interest rates.

I wonder how many Sloggers remember the exact same claim being made by Bernanke when, three years ago, he was asked what he might attempt if QE failed. 462 more words

David Cameron

Mountain size me

The Brown and White, March 4, 2o13

Healthy Body Image Week brought the campus’ attention to the issue of how we perceive our physical selves. The discussion left out an extremely important aspect of the problem, though: how healthy our bodies actually are. 667 more words


Panic! at the career fair

The Brown and White, March 7, 2013

“So what are you doing after graduation?” This is the dreaded question that all college seniors must face at some point as the quest for employment looms. 619 more words

Lehigh University

VENIZELOS: 'Schauble conspired to try and scupper Greek bailout, force Grexit'.

Three days ago, Greek friends of every hue bombarded me with news of the attempt by Evangelos Venizelos (left) to present himself as Greece’s Davy Crocket. 424 more words

Angela Merkel


The Brown and White, February 18, 2013

Megan Thode v. Lehigh University has drawn the attention of the global news media to our very own South Mountain. 663 more words


End sexual violence

The Brown and White, February 11, 2013

One in four women in the United States will be raped after the age of 14. 85 percent of sexual assaults occur between people who know each other. 634 more words