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TV Review: 'Dig'

Writer-producer Tim Kring likes telling a certain kind of story, incorporating far-flung locales, disparate characters and a vaguely supernatural element, with the connections only becoming apparent over time (and sometimes, not completely even then). 487 more words


DIG: Tim Kring and Gideon Raff Interviews (2015)

When creating a limited-event TV series that spans three continents and involves both a religious conspiracy dating back 2,000 years and a modern murder mystery, it is smart to bring in the talents of writers and producers of the calibre of Tim Kring, known for his work on HEROES, and Gideon Raff, who created PRISONERS OF WAR and its American version HOMELAND. 587 more words

Tiffany Vogt (author)

Heroes: Now and Then

Back when it was on, Heroes was my absolute favorite show. I read and wrote fanfiction, got all my friends into it, and watched each episode multiple times in the week–something I’ve never done for a show since.   609 more words

TV Shows

First trailer of Heroes Reborn now online

The first trailer of Heroes Reborn is available to view online, the only thing it gives away is that Horn Rimmed Glasses (HRG) is back.. but is that it? 233 more words


Heroes Reborn Superbowl Teaser

I was a HUGE Heroes fan.  For awhile I made it my business to catch every episode, though because of the writer’s strike and some ill-conceived creative decisions (why destroy The Company?   110 more words


Heroes Reborn: The Aurora Super Bowl Ad

Sadly I was not able to stay up and catch the Super Bowl live being from the UK, so this made me miss any news of this reboot trailer amongst many others. 667 more words

Wait, They're Bringing Back 'Heroes'? Here's A 'Heroes Reborn' Explainer.

If Twitter is any judge, many, many people were very confused last night when NBC ran a promo for Heroes, a show that understandably people thought was off the air. 359 more words