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describing the indescribable

This isn’t really a post – this is me finding a brilliant article about depression that deserves to be shared. I’d never heard of Tim Lott before I read this, but I think he’s a kindred spirit. 310 more words


Fearless - Tim Lott : AF Reading Challenge #1

The first book I read in 2017 was Fearless by Tim Lott. For my Reading Challenge, this completes #25 A book by an author you’ve never read before 982 more words


My Favourite Londoner: Tony Hancock | The Great Wen

‘I identify extraordinarily strongly with Hancock. I remember loving him enormously as a kid and living for ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’. I was about eight or nine and thought it was just the funniest thing on television. 66 more words


"reveneală" de vară

Revin, plec, revin…
Presupun că pentru asta-i vara. 
Am terminat-o cu examenele pentru anul ăsta, mi-ajunge.
Şi acum… ca-n fiecare vară, încep să citesc, şi nu prea termin. 121 more words

On Depression

The 18th – 24th April has been named Depression Awareness Week. I’ve read a few articles that have made me think – one of which was ‘What does depression feel like? 736 more words


Recommended link: What does depression feel like?

Yesterday’s Guardian posted an article by Tim Lott that simply won’t wait. I feel I must post the link to it today. It is heartfelt, insightful and powerful, and deals with a phenomenon that most of us understand only poorly if at all, but which affects innumerable people at some point in their lives. 453 more words

Mental Health & Recovery

Les Miserables

Apparently it’s depression awareness week and Tim Lott writes about his experiences of the condition in the Guardian.

I’m loving his summary:

I have a suspicion that society, in its heart of hearts, despises depressives because it knows they have a point: the recognition that life is finite and sad and frightening. 9 more words