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Tim Lott thinks Women Benefit from Oppression (Warning: Discussion of Suicide)

I was in two minds about writing this post, but I think I will.

In May this year, Anna Mansfield killed herself. She was 44, and suffering from depression, but her family were unaware she was considering suicide, and it seems her doctor did not realise either. 1,132 more words

KidZania gets children ready for a life of shopping and the pursuit of status

LONDON, United Kingdom. The Guardian. November 6, 2015. (English), by Tim Lott. –I reluctantly decided it was time to visit our local kids’ attraction, KidZania, at Shepherd’s Bush Westfield – an “educational theme park” where children can try out adult jobs. 633 more words


the importance of understanding learning (for what it really is ...)

Tim Lott has a good and reflective article in the Guardian this weekend.  The thesis of it, I think, is that learning ability is but a small piece of what society should see being a human really consists of: 1,254 more words

Thinking Time

2015 ➤ Hot revelations from the Flexipop book party

◼ THREE DECADES AFTER the maverick monthly music magazine Flexipop closed, guilty names were named during last night’s book launch at Shoreditch’s coolest new venue, the Red Gallery. 535 more words


2015 ➤ Brace positions! Flexipop aims to drag us all back in time

◼ THE MOST RAUCOUS OF ALL 80S POP MAGS was Flexipop, dedicated to pricking pomposity and kicking the egos of the jumped-up nobodies shrewd enough to bunk into the UK pop charts for the obligatory two singles – and an album if they had the staying power – such was the state of the geriatric music industry bequeathed by the 70s, the decade of corporate megagroups. 409 more words


Thinking about donor conception siblings

I am aware of not having written for a while but I think there is no point in blogging just for the sake of it and somehow nothing has inspired me to put fingers to keyboard – even though there is plenty going on in the donor conception world.   727 more words

News from the Book Multiverse

Hello once again, friends an fellow intrepid explorers of the ever expanding, ever bountiful, mysterious and yet-to-be-fully-grokked-by-mere-humans book multiverse! We’re back with yet another report on what’s new out there among the literary nebulae and grammatically galactic goings on: 354 more words