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Thinking about donor conception siblings

I am aware of not having written for a while but I think there is no point in blogging just for the sake of it and somehow nothing has inspired me to put fingers to keyboard – even though there is plenty going on in the donor conception world.   727 more words

News from the Book Multiverse

Hello once again, friends an fellow intrepid explorers of the ever expanding, ever bountiful, mysterious and yet-to-be-fully-grokked-by-mere-humans book multiverse! We’re back with yet another report on what’s new out there among the literary nebulae and grammatically galactic goings on: 354 more words

"You always - always - fail."

Gods, this is so painfully, penetratingly accurate: You think writing’s a dream job? It’s more like a horror film.

Just one excerpt:

However, as I emphasise to the fledgling writers who come and attend…

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Science Fiction

You think writing's a dream job ? It's more like a horror film.

This article was in today’s Guardian. I recognize many of the thoughts of Tim Lott, who wrote it.


Tim  Lott

The comments at the bottom of the article are worth reading (expand them),particularly the one about the 60% of people who want to be writers,imagining that it’s all J K Rowling easy-peasy wealth and celebrity. 65 more words

Being A Writer Is Tough

The Word

 “…Many say that the pen is mightier than the sword, I believe that the pen is almost wiser than the tongue…” Read my latest blog, The Word, here

Sejal Sehmi

SHEDNOTES 36: A Filofacts of quotes on Family …

Tim Lott offered a nice collection of unlikely observations about family in the Guardian of 20.12.14, which will go into The Shed’s collection of quotes for all occasions – currently filed as Filofacts pages, pending further re-organisation. 541 more words

Notes From The Shed

What is the point of living?

Editorial note: If you have not yet read our mission statement above, please do so in order that you can put our blogs in context.  126 more words