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"TERMINATOR 6" may finally give fans the Future War movie they have always wanted!

When the news first broke in January of 2018 that a new Skydance Terminator film was under development with James Cameron “godfathering” the production and “Deadpool” director Tim Miller in negotiations to direct, we were able to hypothesize what type of Terminator movie it would be based on clues the source provided. 422 more words

Terminator 6

Deadpool (Tim Miller 2016)

and so anyway it turns out that the best thing about Deadpool (2016) is not the stunning use to which it puts, what was that? three locations? 125 more words


"DEADPOOL" (2016) Review

“DEADPOOL” (2016) Review

The Hollywood industry received a great surprise when it discovered that a low-cost superhero movie became the first box office hit for 2016. 992 more words

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TERMINATOR 6's Cameron & Miller tried to make a "HEAVY METAL" movie in 2008!

Back in 2008, nine years before the friendly duo started developing “Terminator 6”, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller was actively pitching film studios a new movie based on the American science fiction magazine Heavy Metal, with no one other than James Cameron to executive produce and co-direct. 390 more words

Terminator 6


A bit of discussion before my review:

Before I get started on how good Deadpool was I think I need to talk about how important this movie really is. 602 more words

James Cameron helped friend and likely T6 director, Tim Miller, get "DEADPOOL" made at Fox.

After our previous report this past Wednesday uncovering that likely “TERMINATOR 6” director Tim Miller was not only a contemporary inspiration of James Cameron, but an actual friend, we decided to dig deeper into that friendship to see what we could find. 412 more words

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