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Review: 'Matilda' @ Cambridge Theatre

I’m a massive Roald Dahl fan, and finally managed to go and see the musical version of ‘Matilda’ this week, and it was definitely worth the wait. 449 more words

Warchus' 'Matilda: The Musical' at SHNSF is a miracle without peer

“My mummy says I’m a miracle!
My daddy says I’m his special little guy!
I am a princess
And I am a prince.
Mum says I’m an angel sent down from the sky… 1,497 more words

Highly Recommended

Review: It's all about the kids in SHNSF's 'Matilda, the Musical'

Despite the fact that our technology shrinks the world and seems to have taken precedence over everything, there is still such joy and value in a great book. 888 more words

The 30-Minute YouTube Procrastination Playlist

Delicious, diverting and just a little bit naughty, procrastination is the adult equivalent of skipping class to hang out in the park with your friends and a bottle of White Lightning. 333 more words

Updating my professional bios

I am having a go at updating the ‘About me’ sections (or equivalent) in a few places, since it has been a few years and I’ve moved onto a different place professionally, but it is really tough. 387 more words

I've learnt a huge lesson about social media - and not before time!

I am really enjoying my photography at the moment, and I am receiving some positive feedback.   I’ve been invited to enter 3 street photographs into an exhibition for a local art show which was very pleasing.     608 more words