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Dante Alighieri Was Really Bad at Propaganda

The great Tim Parks writes about the latest biography of Dante Alighieri in the London Review of Books. It’s clear that Dante was one of the world’s greatest… 1,645 more words


Thursday Links: Moderate, Define, Reread, Revisit

Approve or Reject: Can You Moderate Five New York Times Comments?

From the Comments FAQ: “Our standards for taste are reflected in the articles we publish in the newspaper and on NYTimes.com; we expect your comments to follow that example. 135 more words

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Le doublé dose

“It’s only the young, still attached to that sense of achievement inculcated by anxious parents, who hang on doggedly when there is no enjoyment. 157 more words

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Tony's Reading List at the Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 - Part One

On a sunny spring day, the first Saturday in September, I made the long trip in to the city (and with a bus replacing the train for part of the way, it was *very* long…) for my annual trek to the… 1,156 more words


Ferrara and Giorgio Bassani

When I knocked on the door of the Jewish Cemetery in Ferrara I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d read Giorgio Bassani’s novel ‘The Garden of the Finzi Contini’ from cover to cover – several times. 1,356 more words


There Is Nothing Noble Or Virtuous About Defending The EU

The EU’s defenders in the middle class and political/cultural elite love to believe that they are supporting a grand and noble project, but close their eyes to the economic and democratic damage wrought by this failing supranational union… 1,220 more words

UK Politics

I say I was learning Italian, but in fact I was learning English too. Relearning it. Nothing makes you more aware of your own language, its structure and strategies, than the differences of a new one.

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