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Racconto: "Per stemperare" di Alessandro Sesto

Tim Parks, nel libro Questa pazza fede, racconta le vicende di un gruppo di tifosi del Verona, e spiega come nel loro linguaggio le bestemmie siano di uso comunissimo, venendo impiegate in ogni frase di ogni discorso, anche quando il discorso sia privo di carica emotiva, e non vi sia niente da enfatizzare. 466 more words


The Best Books About Books | Literary Hub
I love books. More than anything else. More than food. Shit, more than cleanliness. More than friends (sorry, everyone). 109 more words


Italian neighbors

Author: Tim parks

Language: English

Summary: In this deliciously seductive account of an Italian neighborhood with a statue of the Virgin at one end of the street, a derelict bottle factory at the other, and a wealth of exotic flora and fauna in between, acclaimed novelist Tim Parks celebrates ten years of living with his wife, Rita, in Verona, Italy. 163 more words


Life: The novel edition

“It would seem that fiction writing is trying to satisfy two needs that are at loggerheads: to tell and not tell.”

—Tim Parks, Where I’m Reading From… 63 more words


Book Bits: Juan Felipe Herrera, XPRIZE for Literacy, 'Target Tokyo,' Karen Campbell

While reading an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Indie bookstores are places where words live) I liked the idea of service-oriented, often-homey, independent bookstores that manage to hang on against the tidal wave of Amazon by providing wonderful experiences for readers. 1,077 more words

Italian Ways: On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo

Italian Ways by Tim Parks

Tim Parks s books on Italy have been hailed as “so vivid, so packed with delectable details, serve as a more than decent substitute for the real thing” (Los Angeles Times Book Review). 222 more words


on magical realism

Who is magical realism written for anyways?

I started thinking about that after rereading some thoughts I had jotted down after reading Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude… 1,480 more words