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Howard the Duck (1986)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 1 out of 10

4-Word Review: A big budget disaster.

Howard (Chip Zien) is a duck living on another planet that is quite similar to earth except it’s run by ducks and not the ‘hairless apes’. 618 more words


What's Good: Bob Roberts

By Christopher Turner
Other Side Drive Segment Producer


Have you ever been trying to find something to watch on Netflix or Amazon and you find yourself scrolling…and scrolling…and scrolling? 328 more words

Other Side Drive

Tenacious D In: The Pick Of Destiny (2006)

Two metal obsessed losers move to Hollywood and plan find fame and fortune by stealing a guitar pick fashioned from one of Satan’s teeth.

Tenacious D In: The Pick Of Destiny is Jack Black doing Jack Black. 118 more words


Bob Roberts - Review


Tim Robbins knew what was coming. Back in 1992, the same year in which he starred in Robert Altman’s The Player, he wrote, directed, and starred as the titular character in this mockumentary Bob Roberts – a political comedy which may or may not have revealed something telling about where the nation is set to go. 889 more words

Film Reviews

PERFECT DAY (2015, Spain)

PERFECT DAY || 2015, Spain || Drama || Directed by – Fernando Leon de Aranoa / Written by – Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Diego Farias (based on the novel Dejarse Llover by Paula Farias) / Produced by – Marisa Fernandez Armenteros, Luis Fernandez Lago, Eva Garrido, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, Patricia de Muns, Javier Mendez, Jaume Roures / Music by – Arnau Bataller / Cinematography by – Alex Catalàn / Editing by – Nacho Ruiz Capillas / Production design by – Camilla-Valentine Isola / Starring – Benicio Del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko, Mélanie Thierry, Fedja Stukan / Running time: 106 mins. 327 more words


Flashback: on 1992's Bob Roberts

Recently, I revisited “Bob Roberts”. More folks need to see “Bob Roberts”. I have no idea why Tim Robbins stopped directing features after three exceptional films in the 1990s (Oscar-winning “Dead Man Walking” in 1995, and the marvelous “Cradle Will Rock” in 1999, were the other two), but it was a loss for us all. 543 more words


31 Days of Halloween 2016 #7 - Jacob's Ladder: An Analysis

All horror twists owe something to Jacob’s Ladder.  This movie is about death, obsessing and holding onto lost love ones, and the nature of memory.  The movie itself is weird like a David Cronenberg movie, but it has a point.   853 more words