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Jaguars Must Address the Offense this Offseason

The Jaguars had the worst offense in the NFL in 2014, averaging a league-low 15.6 points per game. You can’t pinpoint just one area and say that it needs addressing this offseason. 903 more words

AFC South

Virgin Evangelical Athletes and the Campaign to Make Abstinence Sexy

I’m a fan of Tim Tebow and Lori “Lolo” Jones, but not for the reasons you may think. For many Americans, Tebow and Jones are standard-bearers of a “born-again” Christian subculture desperately trying to retain cultural relevancy in an era when moral exhortations and claims to righteousness are becoming increasingly passé. 2,399 more words


What does a follower of Christ look like?

Tim Tebow’s prom night

Did anyone notice what Tim Tebow Foundation did on Feb. 13th this year? I know I didn’t until I saw it in LifeSiteNew.com email newsletter. 331 more words


Night To Shine

As if I needed another reason to respect the work and testimony of Tim Tebow! Yet he is amazing me again with his Night To Shine… 40 more words

The Demise of the Modern Day Quarterback

College football has provided this country with, what is possibly, the most entertaining form of football there is: high powered, spread offenses.  The visual of speedy receivers, long runs and up-tempo, running quarterbacks is no doubt entertaining, but at what cost is this incredible display of offense having on the game at the professional level? 1,621 more words