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Book Review: Supernatural Mythmaker by @TimWaggoner via @stacyamiller85 #Supernatural

As a fan of Supernatural since its premiere on the now-defunct The WB network (it currently airs on The CW) on September 13, 2005, I’ve looked forward to seeing the story of Winchester brothers Sam and Dean unfold for twelve years.   704 more words


xXx: Return of Xander Cage

“You know how I came up with the idea of the Triple-X program?  Skateboards and swimming pools.”  (Augustus Gibbons)

I remember watching the first Triple-X in theaters and I had to say, I enjoyed watching the Vin Diesel popcorn flick.  266 more words


The Winter Box - Tim Waggoner

The winter box was an antique wooden box purchased by Heather when her and Todd were first together and they would put one object in the box on their anniversary that represents something about their relationship. 146 more words

Horror Fiction Review

Book Review: "Eat The Night" by Tim Waggoner

A megalomanic washed up rockstar leading a death cult into an early apocalypse is a pretty killer set up. Add to this story a shadowy organization called Maintenance, with an almost “Men In Black” type operation, and you’ve got yourself a pretty nifty tale. 198 more words

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'Books': Temple of the Dragonslayer by Tim Waggoner

This book is soooooo overdue at the library.

After reading Homeland I got a little nostalgic for Wizards of the Coast books and decided to check out the book that introduced me to the wonderful world of Dragon Lance.   401 more words