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365 reasons to smile ~ 110.

110. Tim Wise on racism … dude breaks it down perfectly ;)


I have been decrying the conservative rights’ need to deny that racism is a prevalent thread  interwoven into the fabric of today’s American culture. The symptoms of this denial is so destructive that it infects the rights’ discourse and thinking on so many levels. 1,541 more words


“People never hurt others in moments of strength and bravery, or when we’re feeling good about ourselves. If we spent all of our time in places such as that, then fighting for social justice would be redundant—we would simply have social justice and be done with it, and we could all go swimming, or dancing, or whatever people do.

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Iowa State University of Amnesty from Binge Drinking

This article was originally submitted to the Iowa State Daily, the Ames Tribune, and the Des Moines Register for publication. As you will see, there are probably a number of reasons why it was not published. 450 more words

Matt Johnson

“It’s hard to put into words the degree of entitlement that comes from knowing even at the age of five that your parents have your back, and that if some authority figure gets out of line, your mom and dad will support you.”

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“Racism, even if it is not your own but merely circulates in the air, changes you; it allows you to think and feel things that make you less than you were meant to be.

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