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“Racism, even if it is not your own but merely circulates in the air, changes you; it allows you to think and feel things that make you less than you were meant to be.

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“We use the word “civilization” to mean “materially wealthy” and technologically advanced, even though material wealth and technology are often used for uncivilized, unethical ends, he explained.

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The Colors, Data, and Economy of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large American city with millions of people. In 2013, it had 3,857,799 residents to be exact. Of that more than 3.8 million, almost 2 million were Hispanic or Latino, or 49.3 percent of the total population; more than a million were “white,” or 28.2 percent of the total population; about 435,000 were Asian, or 11.2 percent of the total population; and less than 333,000 were “black,” or 8.6 percent of the total population. 333 more words

Urban Dynamics

“We love the past so long as it venerates us. We want to be stuck there, and many would even like to return…It is only when those who were the targets for destruction challenge the dominant narrative that the past becomes conveniently irrelevant, a trifle not worth dwelling upon.”

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As Americans we need to be committed to equity and justice according to an antiracist essayist, and educator.

On September 23, Tim Wise a prominent speaker who has spent the last 20 years speaking to audiences in all 50 states at over 1000 colleges and high school campuses, spoke at Towson university about white privilege and how we as a nation have to wake up and realize society is not equal in justice for all. 577 more words

Black And White