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7 Days, 14 Songs, 16 Hundred Miles

It has already been two weeks since I returned from L.A. where my band, SlutHammer, and I were recording our first full-length album at Bedrock Studios located in beautiful Echo Park. 1,334 more words

Why time makes no sense.....

Strangled by time, is there another way?
When time goes slow, it is painfully so.
When time goes fast, it can never last.

Stop right now, tell me the truth. 282 more words

Is Intimacy Antithetical to Sexual Attraction?

There is nothing mysterious when two people in a couple cannot stand one another, and are not having sex. But what about the couples I meet in my practice every day? 603 more words


Time and Time Again

Time and Time Again…
I’ve seen their eyes,
I’ve seen them cry,
Their aimless walk, run…
Their fruitless search…

What the hell!
What could I possibly say? 104 more words


Da lunedì 13 ottobre in radio "TIME AGAIN" il nuovo singolo di JAN BLOMQVIST (@JanBlomqvist)

(@JanBlomqvist): #Timeagain  #JanBlomqvist

Da lunedì 13 ottobre sarà in rotazione radiofonica “Time Again” (Surya Musica), il nuovo singolo di Jan Blomqvist (nome d’arte di… 245 more words

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Jan Blomqvist - Time Again (Peer Kusiv Remix)

You’re not sure where this song is going to take you at the beginning with this kind of enigmatic intro Peer Kusiv did. Then the vocals start and they show you the way. 61 more words

Chill House