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How "La La Land" Inspired This Blog

Let’s talk about “La La Land”…

Apart from being one of my favorite movies of all time, this movie did something very special for me. It… 628 more words

In Response to the 2017 Capsule

Have you ever been asked what you did over the summer, only to draw a blank? That’s how it feels, when I sit down to write about everything that happened the past year. 1,437 more words

What's Happening

The 50's Capsule

Happy Sunday guys and gals!

I hope your week has been as inspired as mine has.

This week has been full of brainstorming, researching, and shopping for the 50’s Capsule. 449 more words

Ten years ago...

Just a few weeks ago I received a goal sheet I filled out in a college class ten years ago.

It was one of those fun time capsules you used to do in elementary school and your parents held on to it for your graduation party to make fun of you… I still don’t understand why it’s so funny that my dream car was a “puke green neon”. 945 more words

Will progressives be able to get out of their own way when it becomes time to unify around one candidate?#WatchThisSpace

— Mikeylito (@Mikeylito) January 2, 2019

Time Capsule

hello again. 2019 reboot

Yesterday I remembered that almost every New Year’s day in the last decade or so I rebooted my blog. For whatever reason I tend towards removing said blog somewhere around Summer, but the idea of putting it up for a time is compelling. 81 more words

Time Capsule

How I Built My Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe has been a covetable object of fascination to me for quite some time now.

For about three years, I have been a passionate but admittedly passive minimalist. 162 more words