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Say what?!

Monday’s almost over?

I’ve been buried in a book all day, researching a new subject, and somehow it’s four o’clock. How’d that happen? Guess that’s what’s known as FOCUS. 19 more words


Slight Whinge

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post. I know I shouldn’t feel too bad about it — after all, it’s not like I’m sitting about all day twiddling my thumbs, but I still wish I could be a more regular blogger. 19 more words


seedlings turn overnight

the girl yesterday began a purge of her room.

so urgent was her desire that she tearfully enlisted her mother’s help. “i can’t wait any longer,” she cried. 604 more words


Dreams, Amirite?

This morning I had a dream that involved a conversation about guns and an attempt to do some grocery shopping at a Trader Joe’s-type store where spaghetti was $11 for a 3-pound package. 171 more words


Friday Photo - 31/05/2019

A wee flash back to one year ago today when we got these two wee beauties. They have changed so much and it’s so hard to believe that they were ever this size.

Friday Photos

On Your First Birthday

Author: Gemma

To my darling Devon on your first birthday!

Wow what a year we have had! From tears to laughter I have watched you grow from a tiny baby to a little girl. 441 more words


Come Read Through my Diary تعال اقرأ في دفتر مذكراتي

English follows.

أكتب في هذا اليوم الموافق 9 / 5 / 2009 مذكّراتي التي تبقى في دَفتري إلى الأبد وأمّا بعد : اليوم ذهبنا في رحلة من مجرى التّعب بدأنا فهي لبنات الكشّافة. 709 more words